Audials One 2017 Review


If there’s one thing everyone wants, it’s more entertainment – and we want it at our fingertips. The remarkable program I’ll tell you about today assures you of exactly that.


In short, Audials One 2017 lets you discover, record, download and convert music, movies, series, videos, podcasts and radio stations. All with absolute ease! Loaded with a whole bunch of impressive features, this software has everything you’ll ever need to enjoy the best of entertainment anywhere. It works perfectly well on Windows 10, 8 and 7. Read on to know more…



Radio – Listen, Record, Enjoy

With Audials One, you’ll have access to over 100,000 Internet radio stations across the globe. Found a song you absolutely love? Just hit the record button.

The program will save your song in MP3, WMA or AAC format. You can also mass record a specific genre. What’s more, you can adjust the settings to record songs that meet your specific quality preferences. You can also use the Timer to record entire sessions. Here’s the best part – the program automatically adds ID3 tags (song title, artist, album etc.), cover art and song lyrics to your files. I also really love the fade effect that you can add to your recordings.

Music Search – Discover Gems

As a music lover, you want to add new vidoes and audio to your collection. Whichever genre interests you, Audials One lets you explore music and save it with just one click.

Simultaneously search, record and download music from various online sources. Audials One offers smart suggestions based on your individual taste. Just tell the program what you like in terms of genres, songs and artists and you’ll get music matches. Try the Music Universe, which lets you visually browse through loads of music. Select the best results based on audio, video and song length. Then, convert the music to your preferred format. And don’t worry about song info – Audials One automatically feeds it in.

Music Wishes – Own Any Song You Want

Wish for a song, artist or compilation? Audials One will bring it to you, automatically adding it to your collection.

The program browses thousands of radio stations and records the music you desire. Well, not just that. You get to choose whether you want the music in the form of a video or audio. Plus, you can set precise search criteria to ensure the exact quality you prefer. You can also look for several versions of the same song. Make as many wishlists as you want, Audials One is happy to fulfill them simultaneously. You can also use wishlists from the Audials community. After getting your favourite music, you can automatically create smart playlists.

Podcasts and Music TV – from Around the World

You can stream, subscribe, monitor and download episodes from over 150,000 international podcasts around the world. Catch all the major music TV channels too.

There is nearly every theme you can imagine. You can search for the perfect episode for you, based on language, popularity, category and more. With just the click of a button, download and convert the episode to your preferred format. You will enjoy the facility to automatically download new episodes from your favourite podcasts as and when they are aired. You can surf and watch your favourite music TV channels. To improve your experience, Audials One lets you adjust the picture to any size you want. Keep adding more channels as you wish to.

Record Music and Videos – in Best Quality

Now, you can record and save audio as well as HD video in top quality – with just one click. The best part? Advertisements are automatically removed.

You can own any song you like from ratio stations, music portals, audio/video streams, online movie stores, media centers and video-sharing services. The program is compatible with all the major streaming services. While recording from streams, the program automatically separates the files from one another. You can select the format to save your files in. All the ID3 tags are added on their own, along with song lyrics too. You can carry out the recording silently in the background while you work, surf or play games on your computer. Use the mini-window to keep track of the progress.

Converter – to Any Major Format

Make all your music playable across your devices by converting it to compatible formats with Audials One.

The program can convert audio and video files to over 40 formats – even if the files are protected. Export audio formats include MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, OGG, FLAC, WAV, M4A, AAC, AIFF, AU and CAF. Export video formats include WMV, MP4, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MKV, MOV, H.264 and H.265. To make configuration easier, you can choose from pre-defined universal profiles for PC, Mac, Android smartphone & tablet, Apple iPhone™ & iPad™, Xbox™ & PS4™ games consoles and more. There are over 100 optimized device profiles for all major device classes. Got a large number of files? Just switch to batch mode. Done!

Copy DVDs – Protected as well as Unprotected

Audials One lets you read and convert protected directly and unprotected DVDs by speedy re-recording. You can select feature films and language partially and easily.

Media Center – Manage, Edit and Play

Whether it’s editing, managing, creating playlists or simply enjoying your saved files, you can do it with Audials One.

Use the player to listen and watch your media, check out the song lyrics, browse through your files and create playlists. With the manager, you can organise your videos, music, movies, podcasts and more – removing duplicates, resorting and such functions are easy. The various display options make it convenient to browse through. You can edit and fill in ID3 tags, album art, song lyrics and audio files. Try the ringtone editor for your phone! You can transfer to and from a range of devices too. To create a backup, simply sync your collection to another PC, smartphone or cloud storage.



As you see, Audials One is the ultimate one stop shop for everything you need. From searching and discovering the best music around the world to saving, converting and exporting to devices, this is the software I rely on. Just give it a try, I assure you of a wonderful experience – for life!




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