$10 for Apple streaming music service

The Wall Street Journal cited sources as saying that Apple streaming music set the price tag  at $10 a month (Previously reported as $ 9.99 and $ 7.99). Moreover, Apple is negotiating with record companies, trying to reduce the price of streaming music services, but failed.beat-apple

In this matter the price, Apple got more headache. Currently, the fee is the same as the price of services Spotify $10 per month, and Beats Music had the same price before. If the price of Apple streaming music service is too high, they will have no advance compete with Spotify. However, if Apple set a cheaper price, they are likely to face antitrust risks. Currently, the US and European regulators are investigating whether Apple is using its market power to obtain authorization advantage relative to competitors.

For more information about Apple streaming music, possibly we will have cut the correct answer from Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in next week.

Update 8/6/2015: Sony Music CEO Doug Morris said in an interview in Cannes, France,  that Apple will launch of its new music streaming service in the WWDC.

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