3 Excellent Alternatives for iMovie


Even though iMovie is great at what it does, it’s always good to have a few iMovie alternatives lined up for satisfying video editing needs that iMovie can’t. It’s always good to have a backup just in case you can’t use iMovie for some reason. There’s no hard and fast rule that you have to use iMovie when on your Mac. Here are three good alternatives to ensure you’ll always be creating works of art:

Best Alternatives for iMovie

Alternative #1: Filmora for Mac

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version 

This is an easy to use home video editor for anyone who wants to edit or create their own videos. It allows you to effortlessly edit videos, photos and audio. It also lets you crop, trim and rotate videos to get the best overall results. You can also record voiceovers and add background music to retouch videos. Some of the special features you can use include Tilt Shift, Mosaic, Face Off, etc. Upload directly to YouTube, save to other devices or burn to DVD. This software supports a large number of formats and you won’t have to waste time with conversions. The drag and drop functionality is wonderful. The visual effects you can create using this software are second to none. With picture in picture, filters, customized transitions, etc. you can create the perfect video each time. There is literally nothing you can’t do with this amazing software.

Alternative #2: Fantashow for Mac
Download for Windows version

This movie maker will turn your video, music and photos into something memorable by applying tons of video styles. It is very easy to use and can make first timers look like professionals. There are more than two hundred styles for family, love, travel, etc. and a number of templates to choose from. It also allows you to share your videos on various devices, YouTube, DVD’s, etc. The biggest advantage of using this software however is the ease with which it can be used to make slideshows. It is quite an enjoyable process really. There are a number of beautiful themes too which allow you to create the most amazing Hollywood style movies within minutes. With so many filters, intro/credits, transitions, voiceovers, etc. available, you will easily be able to create the perfect video.

Alternative #3: Adobe Premier Elements

This software can be used by Mac users to create a great video editing experience. It is very easy to use and lets you control your videos in a way that no other software can. You can take even the roughest of clips and turn them into brilliant movies with ease. You can add a lot of style to them just like a pro. It can take you through the steps one at a time or do everything for you. Not just that, you can also add cool transitions, effects, titles, themes, etc. Sharing is easy too. You can share to Facebook, YouTube, HDTV, discs, etc. What more could you want?


So what are you waiting for? Choose one of these software’s and say goodbye to all your video editing problems once and for all. I hope you find this article useful; if you have any queries then do ask us by commenting.

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