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None of us can deny the fact that email has been an inseparable aspect of our lives. How many of us can vouch that they do not send a single email, be personal or official, daily? I bet the answer is none. When it comes to official email clients, Microsoft’s Outlook tops the chart and it will in the near future. Though everything is great about Outlook its backup feature isn’t really up to the mark. Microsoft Personal Folder Backup is so basic that it doesn’t feel like a one-stop solution to backup your Outlook data. So what is the solution to this? What should you do to sit in peace with all your Outlook data safely backed up? The answer is very simple. Install ABF Outlook Backup software and be rest assured your Outlook data is taken care of.

ABF Outlook Backup Coupon Code

Do you like this software and looking to purchase it and in search of a discount? Here is a special ABF Outlook Backup coupon code which will help you grab this software at a huge discounted rate. All you need to do is click on the link below to make the purchase. If you come across any difficulty feel free to let us know.

ABF Outlook Backup Review

ABF Outlook Backup is by far the most efficient backup solution that is available to save all your important Outlook data. It not only allows you to backup your data but also helps to synchronize your data across multiple computers. The features it offers are far superior and advanced to Microsoft Personal Folder Backup and all these comes at a very reasonable price. ABF allows you to backup everything including your personal folders email messages, your calendars, junk files, any message rules if you have created, your contact lists, saved settings, custom signatures and even if you have created any Internet Explorer favorites. The best part about this software is that it allows you to process all these separately or together. So it’s up to you to create one single backup file with all your Outlook data or create multiple files one for each of our folders.

If you feel ABF is awesome for backup, am sure you shall be awestruck to know about its restoring capabilities. It allows you to restore your backed up data anytime you wish to restore. Not only it allows to store the backup files in your system but it also allows you to transfer these files to a different computer and synchronize with your Outlook on that computer. Isn’t it really cool? With ABF Outlook Backup you can now synchronize all your data even if your plan to change your computer.

ABF also provides support for a feature like command-line parameters that can be used by more advanced users. This feature allows you to added custom tasks to your system scheduler which means that you can create scheduled backup processes. Once your create these routines it automatically triggers the backup at scheduled timeframe and thus all your data is safely stored on your computer.

The icing on the cake is the price at which you get all these features. ABF Outlook Backup comes at a very reasonable price which is affordable. So why are you still waiting? If you are vivid Outlook user there should be nothing stopping you from getting this piece of software and I am sure you won’t regret this decision of yours.

I hope you like this  detailed review along with the special coupon code which will help you grab this software at an amazingly discounted rate. Do purchase it using our special coupon code and do share in in your experience by commenting.

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  1. Great software. Been using previous version for 5 years and need to upgrade to new version. Easy to use and it never fails.

    1. Hey Don,
      Glad you like this software and thanks for sharing your valuable comment.

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