How to add album art to iTunes library for free

If you purchased music from iTunes store, you will get the complete ID3 information and album cover. But if you get music in other ways, like ripping your own CDs to iTunes, the album art might be missing, meta data might not be there, and your album art could be messed up. Here’s how you can add album art to iTunes, so your library looks good. And we will give you both the easiest way and free way to get it done.


Mothed One: How to add album art to iTunes automatically by using TidyMyMusic (Most Recommend)

TidyMyMusic is an all-in-one solution which helps you to find and add artist name, music name, album art, genre information and more, so you can sync all the information with mp3 files to your devices. It helps you to identify duplicate tracks automatically and so you can choose which one to stay and which has to go or keep both. Here we go.

  1. Select the “Tidy iTunes” optional, and click “Add iTunes Library”. TidyMyMusic will instantly import all the music files saved in your iTunes. And it will do the scanning every time you re-open it.

 2. Then the software will quick scan your library and the Number of missing and mislabeled tracks will show on top. Just click “Auto Fix” bottom to match and find cross referencing with its music database.

 3. All the tracks have been identified in the process, just click “Apply All” to fix these tracks all in once.

Tips: You can also editor the tracks that failed, just right click the track and click “Edit” to edit the song’s information or album art as you wish.

  1. Click on “Finish” when all the above steps are done. And now, enjoy it.


Mothed Two: How to add album art to iTunes for free (Manually)

  1. Right-click on the album in iTunes and select “Get Album Artwork” from the popup menu.
  2. If that the step 1 don’t work, go to Google images and search for the album cover.
  3. Open iTunes and right-click on the album with the missing artwork and choose “Get info” from the popup menu.
  4. Switch to the “Artwork” tab in the music information dialog. Click on “Add artwork” button and select the image you just downloaded from Google, Click Open.
  5. At last, click “Ok” to apply the artwork. Now your album art will be displayed.


If I choose, I will use TidyMyMusic, it is a really very convenient software that deserves you to try. It makes your music library looks better to use and more organized. You can download the Windows or Mac version below and have a free trail.




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