How to add album art to mp3 files in Batch on Windows or Mac


Music has become an important part of our lives. And if you are a music lover, you may collect thousands of songs in your computer. In this case, you can easily find that not all songs are downloaded with album artwork when record the music online or ripped from CDs or videos. There are so many songs, so you want to add album art to your mp3 files in batch way.

Here we high recommend a wonderful album artwork tool – TidyMyMusic, with it, you can quick find missing album artwork, you can repair missing or mislabeled music tags, you can detect song duplicates in iTunes or external music library. All operations are automatic and simple.

  • Supported OS:Window 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64bits)
  • Supported iTunes:iTunes 11 (Earlier version also supported.)

Step by step to add album art to mp3


Step 1: Load music files into the software

 Install the software to your computer and lunch it. Then import your music library to it.

1. If you save mp3 files on your local hard driver: Choose the “Tidy Music” option in the left surface, and click on “Add music files” button or just drag and drop files or folder to import all mp3 files.

2. If you want add album art for iTunes library: Choose the “Tidy iTunes” option in the left surface, and click “Add iTunes Library”. This program will instantly load all the music files saved in your iTunes.


Step 2: Analysis and scan your music collection

The software will quick analysis and scan your music collection after the last step. There will show the number of missing or mislabeled tracks in the menu on top. Simply press the “Auto Fix” bottom to start the fixing process.


Step 3: Apply to fix your music

After that, TidyMyMusic will show you all the tracks that have been identified in the process. You can fix the detailed music info individually, or you can click “Apply All” to fix the identified tracks all in once.

Tips: If there are some tracks which failed to be fixed by the program. You can select each of the tracks in the list and click “Edit” to edit the music info and add album art manually as you wish.


Step 4: Finishing add album art to your mp3 files

Click “Finish” after you finished all the works. All the updated ID3 tags including the album artwork will be saved into the mp3 files.


Now, you have a brand-new-looking music library with the complete music info embedded in each song. Enjoy them!


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