Aimersoft DRM Media Converter Coupon and Review

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter discount coupon for Window

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Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

  Original Price: $35.95USD

  Now only: $25.16 USD 

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Aimersoft DRM Media Converter editor review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

-Doing its job to perfection 

When playing video files, do you always find the destruction of playing it in a variety of devices? It may be due to the DRM copy protection, which is the digital copyright protection for all the video files from the various artists. So, if it is time for you to get away from this particular nuisance, and you would actually like to legally bypass all the digital copy protection from your video file, then you could take the help of Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. Well, this is a legal bypass method, for all the videos that you may have purchased from Windows media Center, iTunes, as well as a variety of other online video stores.

If you make use of the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, you’ll actually be able to get the video converted, and play them on any device that you would want, without any hassles. If you have audiobooks, then you can remove the DRM to enjoy reading it at any platform supporting audiobooks. If you find popular music containing DRM, then removing it to listen to the music on a variety of platforms will definitely be encouraged with the help of the software. If there are specific audio tunes that you may have purchased, and you would like to make use of it in a variety of gadgets, then removing the DRM should be your obvious solution.

Well, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is definitely the best when it comes to providing you with the appropriate amount of protection against DRM. However, it does not in any way support piracy. So, if you feel that using this particular software will bring you one step closer to getting pirated music on your device, think again. This particular software has been created to get rid of the DRM and to make sure that your purchased videos will be able to play in a variety of electronic gadgets. Take, for example, if you purchase a video file from iTunes, you will not be able to play them on your computer that contains Windows operating system. So, it is with the help of the software that you will be able to get the appropriate conversion underway, and playing the video file in the computer will now be a possibility.

Also, with the help of the converter, you will be able to convert the videos or AAX to mp3 and make sure that it will be able to fit the smartphone. Yes, you will be able to transform the videos so that it could also fit the video game consoles. The power of Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is unrestricted when it comes to the conversion. You can get it custom fit for any video player, and you’ll definitely enjoy the huge level of compatibility that you can find.

There are also features like batch conversion, which can help you to look into the conversion of multiple files into the same file format. There are also advanced settings, which can help you to adjust the overall parameters, and look into the resolution, and also get to know about the appropriate frame rate. This way, you will be able to have an active batch of videos that you could possibly play in any media player. Also, the conversion speed is about six times faster with the incorporation of the NVIDIA CUDA technology.

In fact, if you’re not pleased with the software, and find it misleading, then there is a 30-day money back guarantee. You shall not have to worry about any kind of issues, and troubleshooting can easily be taken care of with a 24-hour live chat support on the website, as well as the email response. All in all, a wonderful software to take care of all your video and audio files that contain DRM and need it to be removed.



I go through many reviews when I chose to buy this software, all reviews were positive. I’m really satisfied with how this program perform. No other media converter may come close to this program. This software works and does exactly as it claims in the description.! It is rather easy to use. Conversion process is accurate. Quiet, efficient, and smart is the best way I can describe it, and on top of that, the cost is proper! This software is worth every penny.  I am a happy man.. – Jimmy

There is nothing low-priced except if it works. Aimersoft’s DRM Media Converter offers features galore and it’s user friendly. It is perfect for getting rid of DRM protection easily and convert to any file format. -Rick

Advantages: Can convert both protected audio and video files and works with a variety of video formats. Disadvantages: The software uses a long time and the preview window cannot be shut. -Brian


Video demo of Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

[youtube width=”600″ height=”450″ video_id=”CSVe52KsV4I”]

Screenshot of Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

drm media converter

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter formats

It is not free DRM media converter, Please buy it with big discount

  Original Price: $35.95USD

  Now only: $25.16 USD 

  >>Take this deal now<<(Click the link NO need to copy and paste the coupon code)

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