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MPEG Transport Stream (MTS) is a file name extension used for container file formats like Blue-ray Disc Audio Video (BDAV) and MPEG-2 Transport stream. MTS also known as M2TS, are represented as .mts and .m2ts. It is helps to multiplexing audio, video and any other streams. MTS container format is usually used for high definition videos on Blue-ray disc and AVCHD.

MTS is specified as video file format with High-Definition transport stream. This type of file extensions are recorded by AVCHD camcorders. Videos recorded by AVCHD camcorders are of high video quality and subsequently occupies more memory space. Most media players support MTS files depending upon the compression format used in the MTS files. However, some media players need an assigned codec, component or plug-in installation to play MTS format videos. Moreover the .mts files consist of varied drawbacks like,

  • .mts files occupies more storage, though it offers high picture quality
  • Most multimedia devices like mobile phones, iPhones, iPods, PSP aren’t capable of playing MTS videos

AimOne MTS Converter Coupon Code

If you are here looking to purchase this wonderful MTS converter and in search of a special discount coupon then here is a special offer for you. Below is the AimOne MTS Converter coupon code and you can activate it by clicking on the link below. If you come across any difficulty then do let me know.

AimOne MTS Converter Review


To overcome these drawbacks of .mts file format, we opt for conversion process. The AimOne MTS converter efficiently converts MTS video files to widely used formats like MP4, AVI, etc. These file formats require less memory space and are compatible with all mobile devices such as iPhone, iPods, PSP and XBOX etc. Apart from this, it also permits to convert MTS files to all other video file formats like WMV, RM, FLV, DVD, VCD, 3GP, etc. This converter has an additional video enhancement feature to edit videos like cutting, rotating, combining two video as one, and adding some effects. Certain functions like adding watermarks and subtitles to the video are some added advantages.

It supports to convert .mts file format to other file formats like DIF, MKV, MP4, DAT, WMV, ASF,MPEG,MPA,3GP, 3G2 and many more.

Top Features of AimOne MTS Converter

  • In AimOne MTS converter, output video/audio settings can be thoroughly customized
  • It allows to modify the video by changing the frame size, aspect ratio, etc. to make it suitable to play on iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3, iPhone and other multimedia devices
  • A Mini-cutter is offered with this converter, which used to cut a clip from a video. Previewer that comes with mini-cutter helps to view the video while editing
  • This converter has an option to add watermarks to video
  • It permits you to set the start/end points to take a slice of the video, you want to edit or convert
  • It supports to add subtitles with various file formats like .idx, .sub, .sub, .ssa and etc
  • It also provides a possibility to edit video image, such as cropping, customizing, zooming, stretching, etc. to enhance it

System requirement

  • Microsoft Windows XP/2000/7/vista/ultimate/8/8.1


  • Handling this software is smooth and easy
  • Conversion process is relatively faster, giving out accurate output
  • Editing process like cutting, flipping, adding slides is perfect
  • It can be easily installed on your PC and the conversion process is also trouble-free
  • Editing feature to crop and stretch video image


  • It is available for Windows only

It is all about AimOne MTS converter and the overall conclusion is that the AimOne is software- perfect to convert .mts files to any other video files format. So do try it by purchasing the software now using our special AimOne MTS Converter coupon code and share in your experience now.

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