Apple Music VS Spotify: Which is Which?

Both are very popular in their business to provide online streaming music.

So what do you think makes them differ and you prefer?

Since they are still ever improving, we are going to look for their aspect, features, services to help us decide:

Here we recommend a program that can download all the Spotify and Apple Music , and convert them to mp3 (up to 320 kpb/s) with the information of songs name, artist and album,  you can download it below:

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Subscription Pricing and Perks

In regards with the price it’s almost the same since both of them costs $9.99 per month but they only differ in regards with how many days to try it out for free. Spotify only offers 30 days while Apple Music offers 90 days which is more advantageous to them. In regards with family plan that costs $14.99, Spotify only offers up to two members while Apple Music is up to 6 members which most people would really love having more access.

In regards with its perks both of them have similar offers like you can download and listen offline, access to thousands of catalogs and millions more, and demanded shows of artists and DJ’s.

Apple Music is leading and Spotify is still not making any improvements in regards with this aspect as to not be suppressed by the their competitors but this is not the only basis why they should be less inferior to Apple Music.



In terms with audio quality both of them are good even though they each use different audio file compression for bandwidth maximization and download or stream music without intervention or pause even you have bad internet connections.

Spotify offers OGG format at 320kbps while Apple Music offers AAC at 256 kbps which compares positively to Spotify. We can’t solely differentiate them basing which bitrate is higher since each is good at their own. aspect



  • Music Catalog

Even though both of them say a million catalogs and songs to choose from it’s still boils down to the preference of each person. You can find mostly the songs you like and some aren’t or exclusive for you to purchase. Some artist disagree that their new release be available for streaming since they are not making enough money with it

  • Location

Spotify and Apple Music are mostly available in most Countries like in America, Europe, Asia, Australia. For listeners located internationally and loves to travel, it pays to check if your service is available.

  • Listen to the music you like

Both are available to stream and download and listen offline but the bad thing is you need to be in a paid subscription after your trial runs out.



We are going to show how accessible can you stream



Apple Music


Windows, Mac and Web player

Via iTunes

Mobile Apps

Android, iOs and Windows smartphone

Android and iOs

Other Devices Compatibility

Playstation 3 and 4, Roku, Sonos and Other Smart TV’s

Apple TV


My thoughts in regards with which is which really would depend on what device you have available right now and your needs since both them are accessible. The next thing that you would have to consider would be the cost, since both offer the same rate so it does not push you to settle and stick to a specific streaming service.


Whether you choose Apple Music or Spotify,  you can download lossless music from them easily if you use Cinch Audio Recorder.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version


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