Audfree Spotify Music Converter for Mac Review

If you consider yourself a solid music lover, you’ve probably tried Spotify or Apple Music to listen to your favorite songs. With more than 35 million songs and a lot more to be uploaded on its database soon, you’ll never run out of compelling reasons not to follow Spotify’s continuous innovation.

Even if Spotify gives you the best access to millions of quality music, you’re still not allowed to export the songs or play them elsewhere except on its main interface. All Spotify tracks and playlists are DRM-encrypted which prohibits anyone from downloading the songs regardless if you intend to share or listen to them privately. This could become the best time to capitalize on the benefits of Audfree Spotify Music Converter and remove the DRM restrictions effortlessly. Audfree Spotify Music Converter for Mac bypasses the DRM encryption and converts Spotify music to different popular formats including MP3, FLAC, M4A or AAC with no loss of audio quality.

Your best advantages with Audfree Spotify Music Converter for Mac

Audfree Spotify Music Converter is described as an amazing tool that complements your entertainment library a lot. Here are the beneficial features that make Audfree Music Converter an interesting backup software:


  1. Removes DRM protection on Spotify music

Spotify music resources are copyrighted contents, and the DRM encryption is used to secure them from unauthorized downloads. But with Audfree Music Converter, you are able to bypass the DRM protection safely without any copyright laws to think about.


  1. Performs easy download and conversion on Spotify songs

Audfree Spotify Music Converter enables you to download your Spotify music collection with ease no matter if you’re using a free or premium subscription. Expect this incredible music converter to organize your music files even if you export the entire playlist from your Spotify account.


  1. Performs high-quality conversion process at 5X conversion speed

Audfree Spotify Music Converter is expected to deliver sharp audio copies and convert them in different audio formats. This music converter gives you the best options to set up your own audio parameters before you begin converting files. You can adjust the conversion speed, audio codecs, sample rate, and file type, helping you get the exact audio file you want. This feature seems very helpful particularly if you want to play the songs on cross platforms like MP3 players, Android, iPhone, and other music apps.


The system requirements:

Audfree Spotify Music Converter doesn’t require heavy hardware resources to run it efficiently.

It only consumes less than 6MB of disk space after installation, but don’t forget to install the web version of Spotify first before installing Audfree Music converter. Here is the hardware checklist that needs to be seen on your Mac PC:

  • Mac OS: OSX 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 and Mac OS High Sierra
  • Minimum of 512MB RAM (1GB RAM is recommended)
  • Hardware processor: Minimum of 1 GHz processor
  • 1024×768 screen resolution (applicable on both laptop screen and external monitors)


Steps to convert Spotify music for free

Audfree Spotify Music Converter utilizes lossless conversion techniques to transform your Spotify music into different accessible formats without compromising quality. Follow these simple steps to enjoy awesome music at your convenience.


Step 1: Installing Audfree Music Converter on your Mac

To begin with, download the updated version of Audfree Music Converter, which has approximately 3MB file size, and install it.

You’ll be given a free license key where you need to register the free version.


Step 2: Adding the Spotify songs and albums

When you launch Audfree Spotify Music Converter, your Spotify main window will also appear. Log in to your account and search for the specific songs, playlists or albums you want to acquire using the built-in search box. You can highlight the songs or playlists and drag them directly to the Audfree interface. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the Spotify URL to the Audfree URL clipboard. Click the “+” icon to import the tracks and proceed to the next window.


Step 3: Setting up your file parameters

When you finished importing the Spotify songs, proceed to the main menu, locate the “Preference” menu and check the default output you want among MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, M4B, and M4A. On a separate window, you can customize the audio output by changing the parameters like audio channel, sample rate, bitrate, and others. Before clicking the “Convert” button, select your desired output folder where to store the converted files.


Step 4: Downloading the Spotify music

To begin on the conversion process, click on the “Convert” button and let Audfree Music Converter do its job. The conversion speed will depend on your connection speed and volume of music tracks to be processed. Each conversion will consume at least 10-15 seconds per music track according to hardware specifications and of course, internet speed.

Download the trial version if you wish to test the overall performance of Audfree before you decide to purchase the paid one. Unfortunately, Audfree Spotify Music Converter free edition only downloads the first one minute of your Spotify song. After the trial period has been expired, you need a software upgrade to a full version which will cost you $19.95 per year. Though this software may require you to spend a little amount of money, rest assured that Audfree Spotify Music Converter will perform at its very best.

Audfree Music Converter seems appealing to beginners and long-time users of music downloaders for its intuitive features and fast conversion speed. You can finally get the Spotify songs you love and share them with your family and friends with no limitations.

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