Audials 2019: Premium Update Review

Excellent music streaming, quick audio format conversion, flexible pricing models and intuitive playlist management. These are the perfect qualities you can find from Audials Tunebite Premium 2019 and other released versions. Audials 2019 has made significant improvements to give music lovers the best opportunity to enjoy music, radio stations, movies, podcasts and videos everywhere. Find the best multimedia sources over the internet, record them instantly, convert the files according to your preference and listen with no more DRM restrictions.

The improved classic features

Audials 2019 version is an all-complete streaming recorder/converter that enables you to capture the best music and videos at double speed so you can get more from your multimedia streaming than before. The latest versions are able to record both protected and unprotected audio streams with no DRM issues to worry about. In a single click, the versatile music recorder automatically splits the recordings, tags them individually and saves them as WAV, AAC or MP3 to your local drive. Its efficient file management system helps everyone to create and organize his or her playlists better.

Audials 2019 has totally enhanced its conversion capabilities, offering over 40 format selections for ease of access over smartphones, PCs and even gaming consoles. This wide selection of file formats gives you the best chance to enjoy live radio broadcasts, podcasts and audio books within your comfort zone. The greatest thing you can enjoy with Audials 2019 is the high-level music entertainment you get from online sources. Whenever you listen to your favorite song over a streaming music site, this ultimate music recorder will capture it together with the song details.


Audials 2019 is here to record everything you hear and listen online with no loss of music quality. Expect this incredible music converter to record any sources automatically because it recognizes the music tracks played over different streaming services as pure music. You wouldn’t hear any commercials in between songs and all necessary ID tags are covered at the end of every recording. What’s more, Audials can record the songs at double speed, allowing you to save more precious time particularly if you’re recording a huge playlist.

The newest features of Audials 2019

Audials 2019 features a “Pre-configured” setting that gives you an automatic access to popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Google Music and more. Once you have selected a streaming site, just click the play button and this awesome streaming recorder will record the songs and automatically save them as high-quality MP3, WMA or WAV files. While recording, each file will automatically download all the important details including artist name, cover album, and track title. But the best thing is, all ID tags are clearly summarized, so you don’t have to waste time editing the information one by one.


Audials 2019 collection comes in different software versions to suit your specific needs in terms of pricing model, audio source requirement, streaming music access and recording parameters. Starting at $29.90, you can select among Audials Moviebox, Audials Radiotracker, Audials Tunebite Platinum, Audials Music Rocket and Audials One in which all are equipped with the latest recording technology. There’s a lot of exciting features to watch for on Audials 2019 music recorders. Expect a lot of recording innovations to make it more convenient to access music, movies, internet TV and videos in high quality display.


Interesting functions to watch for

Audials 2019 provides new recording sources which include additional music streaming sites, internet TV stations, and web radios. This works as an efficient YouTube downloader with 4K support so you can watch the best videos on any portable device of your choice. Its highly-improved encoder back-end system provides more flexible options such as file format, audio/video codecs and bit rate to determine the appropriate device profile you need. Therefore, recording music from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, and other audio streaming services are fully optimized to achieve better results.


Remarkable TV access

Audials music recorder and converter serve as an alternative TV player where you can watch your favorite streaming programs for free, or if you want, you can utilize this software to record the TV show. As long as you have stable internet connection, you can enjoy watching over 100 live TV streaming programs and 50 music channels from across the globe.


Find the real music with Audials

Audials music recorder helps you locate the best music sources over the internet using its built-in search function. You can use Spotify or Pandora as your search tool and look for the specific playlists you want to record. Even if you’re recording at a high bit rate of 320Kbp/s, the music tracks are precisely cut into separate recordings with no damage to quality. Since Audials has been designed intuitive from the very start, all recording operations are still simplified, but give you more power to access high-quality music.


Full support to all music streaming services

Audials music recorder only gives you the best reasons to benefit from well-known streaming music services. With its improved features, there’s nothing more to stop you from experiencing world-class music entertainment on YouTube, SoundCloud, DailyMotion and Vineo among others. The innovated design in selecting a recording source has been dramatically improved, complementing the great quality of stream recording of Audials. Why? That’s because Audials will only select the best option whether you are recording the music from a streaming website or music app.


Easy access on YouTube links

The access of Audials to YouTube has been tremendously improved as compared to its older versions. You can use the search tool to find the YouTube you want, and Audials will complete the process for you. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the links directly to the program and click the record button. Even if you have entered an entire playlist, Audials will record the whole set, split the music tracks, remove the ads and store them straight to your local folder in minutes.


Crystal-clear movies and more

Audials has also improved its capacity to record movies whether from movie websites or streaming video platforms. The recording configuration settings have been enhanced, highlighted with useful pre-configured settings for better selection. This means you can freely adjust your preferred recording parameters according to the specific tile before you begin. This makes direct downloading on Netflix, YouTube, music channels and TV streaming sites in full HD quality a lot easier.


Audials 2019 is all about improvements from recording quality, pre-configured settings, and optimum user interface. Indeed, this diversified multimedia recorder only demonstrates imposing power and fast operations, but still delivers everything in a simplified manner.

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