Audials One 2018 Complete Review

As technology nowadays are constantly updating, so as entertainment.


Audials One (Generation 2018)

People crave for more entertainment and who else can better provide that which is no other than Audials One 2018. It’s been known or proven that Audials provide free music, movies, radio stations, convert audio format, and videos through recording.

Packed with a load of features, a complete package for entertainment on the go.

Free version Audials one 2018

The Power of Three – Audials one 2018 and its Features

When it comes to recording radio station, movies, videos, music, podcast and more, the total of steps involved are three.



  1. Click radio on the left side
  2. Select a music station to record or record all station by batch.
  3. Click Record or Mass Recording

See image below

Audials one 2018 music radio

For its features, you can add a job to make it more automated.

See the Job button on the image above?

You can select:

Data Limit– The file size limit of all the song you’ll record.

Duration– The amount of time you record. This is useful if you want to record for an hour and will stop afterward.

End at– End at a specific time.

Track count– The number of songs you want to record.

See image below for reference.

Audials one 2018 music radio job


For the 2018 upgrade, there are more radio stations to choose from, faster search results, and improvement in its function. You will know the difference if you have used the previous version.

Music – Discover the known and the unknown

Audials one added a smart feature which has been a trouble in the previous update. Now, It automatically records at the minimum quality to shield you from poor quality recording.

Audials one 2018 Music Search


  1. Click Music icon on the menu located on the left side
  2. Type in the artist, song, or compilation on the search box.
  3. Click the song, and save.

The Nice thing about it, is you’ll have a pretty good idea which is the source. It can either be YouTube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, and other sources.

Audials one 2018 music search source

Music Wishes – Obtain any song you want

If you want a specific song that’s not found, then type in the song you like. Its advanced features will automatically select the best version and delete the similar ones that have poor quality.


  1. Click Music wishes in the menu on the left
  2. Search or select the artist
  3. Click the artist or song and click “+Wish song” button

Podcast – Various categories from music and shows

Stream music and shows from different categories.

Audials one has a number of categories to select and you can record either audio or video.

Audials one 2018 Podcast


  1. Click Podcast on menu
  2. Select whether by category, search, and type.
  3. Click Save button.

You can preview on the audio or movie by playing it on the right side before recording. The great thing is you have the option to record previous, latest, and all shows.

You can even share it on social media with your friends. You’ll never have to miss a show on a busy schedule anymore.

Music TV

Stream over 49 music tv channels available. You can add a music tv station and add it to your favorites.

Record Music – Any Streaming and Online Radio Station

Record any audio or specific music on any music streaming site you like. You have the option to choose the site to record to be assured of the quality and not all over the net.

Record Videos

It’s hard to find what site to download movies, TV shows, and TV series nowadays besides torrent. Some of the videos you’re looking for are not available or don’t have a download option.

Audials One 2018 offers an alternative solution through recording via

  • Copy paste link
  • Streaming and selecting a specific browser to use
  • Live streaming



It has a lot of formats available for conversion to any or for specific devices. Convert to MP3, WMA, WMV, AAC, MP4, M4P, FLV, and more.

You can either add or drag and drop a file to convert. A single track or a folder containing audio can be added. It’s convenient when converting multiple tracks instead adding it individually.

Changing the audio format can be done easily by clicking the output format.

Click Start button to start converting.

Audials one 2018 Convert music

Copy DVD

Got a Music DVD lying around?

Audials can copy its content, just insert the DVD and click Next.

Media Management

The great thing about this media management unlike the usual feature of deleting duplicate music, editing tags, importing and exporting is you can edit and replace the audio in a video if the quality is poor.

Final Verdict

Audials is a complete package for entertainment. From music to videos, shows and online radio, you definitely get what you’re paying for. The user interface is easy to use which needs a couple of minutes to be used to.

What is your verdict?

Kindly leave a comment and share what you think.


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  1. I like Audials 2018 a lot. There are a few features I am still trying to make use of but all in all Audials does everything I need to do with the exception of one thing: I’d like to be able to offload my video content to DVD. Why not add this step?

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