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Grooveshark was one of the best music uploading and streaming services out there. Unluckily, Grooveshark agreed to shut down effective and turn over all the mobile apps and intellectual property to avoid facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Many users were quick to mourn the loss of the company, while others scrambled to find an alternative to the streaming service. And it might definitely be a difficult time looking for more effective Grooveshark alternatives for users who have been long-time patriots of this service.

So, here we have a look at some of the alternatives for Grooveshark, which can provide the quite similar solution. Take a look in this article.


Here we recommend a qualitied software that can download all the streaming music, and convert them to mp3 with all the ID3 information, you can download it below:

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 Top 6 Alternatives to Grooveshark

  1. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is an on-line music distribution platform based in Berlin, Germany, which permits its users to publish, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds. SoundCloud’s content is evenly split between music and other audio. SoundCloud’s basic functions are the ability to allow artists to publish their audio with a distinct URL. Registered users are allowed to enjoy unlimited music and may upload up to 180 minutes of audio tracks to their profile at no charge. And SoundCloud’s API allows other software or smart devices to upload music and audio files or download files when the user has the approval to do so.

Price: Free for regular use, Professional plans for $6/month and PRO UNLIMITED for $15/month.


  1. Myspace music

Myspace music

Myspace Music is a social network with a work on entertainment. Can play songs continuously while you surf the site. Can choose a common or restrictive profile. Attractive, liquid user interface. Videos play in full screen. Highly innovative design and structure.


  1. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music was launched June 30, 2015, in over ONE HUNDRED countries worldwide. It is a music-streaming service, created by Apple Inc. Though they’re new to the game, they’ve quickly made it to the top. Users select music to stream to their mobile on-demand, or they can play existing, curated playlists. The service also provides the Internet radio station Beats 1, that programs live to over ONE HUNDRED countries 24 hours a day, and the blog platform Connect, that permits artists to share their posts, photos, videos, and tracks with subscribers. Apple Music provides music tips based on a user’s flavor, and the iOS application is integrated with Siri voice commands.


Free 3-month trial

$ 9.99/ month.

$ 14.99/ month Family Plan (up to 6 users).


  1. Rhapsody


Napster (formerly Rhapsody) got the 3rd place with its huge library, fantastic user screen, good mobile support and the possibility to buy lots of tracks also as the MP3 file format. Napster is compatible with a large selection of home audio systems and receivers. You can surely entry Napster by any type of browser on the desktop, with a windows desktop app or with mobile apps for smartphones with iOS, Android and more. Now there is more than 32 million music available.


unRadio ($ 4.99/ month): unlimited skips, live worldwide radio, first 14 days are free.

Premier ($ 9.99/ month): everything from unRadio, download any song, album or playlist, full control of your music.


  1. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music

As one of the most famous on-line store of all time, Amazon is rather new to the online music streaming industry. Now, it is packed with more than a million of music. In case that you have an existing Amazon account, you can utilize the music streaming service totally for free. One awesome feature of Amazon Prime Music is the prices of tracks and albums are cheaper when compared to iTunes or Google Music.


$ 3.99/ month for Prime Members with an Amazon Echo (can only play unlimited one Echo device!).

$ 7.99/ month or $79/year for Prime Members.

$ 14.99/ month or $149/year for non-Prime customers.


  1. Spotify

Spotify is the winner of our best music streaming service review. The combination of a large library, good user interface, wide support of devices and fantastic features made it our recommended. You may entry Spotify with their own desktop software for Windows and Mac OS as well as mobile devices for iOS, Android and more. The desktop application scans your local folders and imports playlists from iTunes and the Windows Media Player, so you can play either tune from the Spotify server or your local ones. Currently, over 30 million songs are accessible; you can create a free account to test the service. Best of all, you can now utilize your Spotify account on all your devices.

Price: Free and Premium ($ 9.99 per month) plans.


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