Two Best Audio Recorder to Convert Spotify Music to MP3 Format


Spotify has been the most popular music streaming site that most people use when it comes to the songs they love.

Due to its accessibility, you can listen to it whether through your desktop, smartphones, chromecast and other devices. Its accessibility is limited which we all know and that is the need of internet connection.

Without an internet connection, can you listen to your Spotify music?

Actually, there is and you have probably heard about it online. The use of audio recorders is widely known as the best alternative yet when it comes downloading music from any music streaming site especially Spotify.

You can check the lists of top 2 audio recorders below

Spotify to MP3 Converters

So which is the two best audio recorder to use?

You might find popular audio recorder on the list and the most recommended software is Cinch Audio Recorder and Solutery Audio Recorder. Both have the exact features you’re looking for in an audio recorder.

Cinch Audio Recorder

cinchCinch is able to record high-quality audio from Spotify premium subscription and its first 30-day free trial. The audio format OGG Vorbis streamed is automatically converted to MP3 with the same bitrate of 320 kbp/s, that is if you have the premium subscription.

While Cinch is recording from the web player, the tags are automatically saved and it will appear on the Cinch playlist menu few seconds after recording.

If you used Wondershare audio recorder, you must have to install its virtual sound card and use it before recording. It may be a hassle to some when you record lots of music and change the sound card back to default.

When using Cinch, just click start recording and play the music on Spotify then click stop recording afterward. That’s if you’re recording a single audio but if you’re recording multiple songs or a playlist then it will be saved as a single file or separate depending on the settings you choose.

Although it’s convenient to have a feature to schedule a recording which is not available in Cinch at the moment but if you compare the convenience when it comes to using it outweighs other audio recorders.

Other audio recorders like Leawo needs a virtual sound card even though they have a feature to schedule a recording but If you’re using Spotify, you seldom have to record by schedule.

Cinch is able to convert the music to a WAV file if you change the settings but the file size will be much larger compared to MP3.

Download: Cinch Audio Recorder

Solutery Audio Recorder

soluterySolutery is much like the same as Cinch Audio Recorder.

When it comes to steps for recording is exactly the same. It’s also the same when it comes to its quality and if you record a low-quality bitrate like 126 kbp/s and save it as 320 kbp/s, the bitrate the quality will still the same.

“You can’t improve a low-quality song from a low bitrate to a higher bitrate.”

Download: Solutery Audio Recorder

This is true as well in Cinch Audio Recorder.

What do you think of these two audio recorders?

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