Best Radio App for Windows devices (PC, Tablet, and Phone)


Many iOS, Android and Windows flagship devices are fully capable of handling the best radio apps that exist today. Imagine how far your devices can go if you are able to download songs, record audio tracks and find your favorite celebrities all in one app. As long as you’re connected to the internet, Audial Radio Pro has everything you need for an awesome audio experience.


Spectacular radio listening features

While its free version only gives you limited choices, Audials Radio Pro version compiles the best internet radio stations that suit your exact taste for music. With over 100,000 radio stations available, listening to your exclusive music playlist becomes limitless. Audials Radio Pro allows you to search your artist, radio shows, music genre and specific language found either locally or overseas. In addition, you can easily manage your “Favorites” list by adding artist and station details.

Audials Radio Pro lets you switch between radio station upon typing the specific artist, region and local radio station on the search box. You can experience high-quality music among the widest selections of web radio like Radio Vision 2000, Z-100, Lite FM, Hard Radio, VirtualDJ Radio, Hot 97, Radio Caraibes, The Beat LA, Undergroundradio, Kiss FM, KTU, RadioMargaritaville, WCBS-FM 101.1 and Now FM among others. If you wish not to miss the freshest hits, Audials Radio Pro will perform the easy recording for you. Simply click on the “Record” button to save the audio track played from the internet radio.

During recording, Audials Radio Pro will automatically cut the music tracks then save them in high-quality MP3 format, one file for every song. You’ll only hear clear and superb quality music with no advertisements and audible speaker dialogues from station DJs. For quick access, Audials Radio Pro lets you create your own radio station by managing your Favorites lists or songs you have previously played. Apart from this, Audials Pins let you add recent genres, songs, countries or artists to your home view for ease of access.

Borderless podcast entertainment

Audials Radio Pro features over 260,000 podcast and new episodes with no subscription fees required. With thousands of podcasts to choose from, it features the best sources of entertainment from documentaries, news, gadget reviews, language tutorials and reality shows. Audials Radio Pro allows you to search your favorite shows, download them and personalized your collections in easy clicks.

Easy-listening essentials and more

Audials Radio Pro connects your smartphones to your PCs using wireless capabilities, allowing you to enjoy your radio stations and music collections anywhere. It is fully compatible with existing Cloud services or use SD cards if you wish to transfer files to another storage device. Equalizers are also provided to enhance your headphone features and amplifying sound systems. Additionally, you can utilize the app as a clock radio equipped with alarm modes and snooze functions.

Even though many radio apps such as Tuba Fm, iHeartRadio or Classic Fm Radio offer a lot of radio stations, Audials Radio Pro appears to be more accurate with regard to search results. It delivers more radio stations and podcast episodes while allowing you to record music in premium sound quality. Its user interface is easy to navigate and lets you create your own profile which is allowed for long-term use. What’s more important is that you can enjoy full access to a broad range of music hits and podcasts without boundaries only from Audials Radio Pro.

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