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Our phones are a very important part of our existence nowadays. It is possible to know the details of anybody’s life by taking just a single peek at their phones. You can know the whereabouts of your daughter, the use of the phone by your employee, if or not your spouse is honestly at a conference, etc.  When the target is using a Blackberry device you can very easily spy on them using this amazing creation by Spyera- Blackberry Keylogger.

Blackberry Keylogger Review

Download for Windows version

Blackberry Keylogger keeps a check on all the activities that your target performs on their Blackberry phones. When you start using Spyera you are set up with a secure web account. After you have installed the application on the Blackberry device, it stealthily starts recording and capturing all the activities that are happening on the phone. The recordings are sent to your secured web account and you have a copy of all the data on the phone. One impressive feature is that you can capture the BBM logs even if the user has not set it to ‘Save History’.

Spyera’s Blackberry Keylogger is capable of capturing Emails, BBM chat logs, PIN Chat logs, SMS and call logs. It can also capture each and every photo or video taken and sound files on the Blackberry device. You can also:

  • You are enabled to listen to any phone call, made or received by that device. 
  • Tracking their location is also possible with GPS.
  • You can very easily read their texts even if they are deleted.
  • You can also read their e-mail.

How to get Blackberry Keylogger?

Blackberry Keylogger feature is available on Spyera Phone version. You can purchase the software by following the link below After purchase you are delivered a license key. After that, you have to download URL and enter your web account login details. Installation is very easy and normally takes not more than two-three minutes.

Upcoming Features for Blackberry Keylogger

You cannot spy on Facebook and WhatsApp on a Blackberry device as yet but this feature will be provided soon. Other than that all features are similar to the versions available for Android and iPhone. 

All in all, Spyera’s Blackberry Keylogger is one amazing spying technique if your target owns a Blackberry. Do give it a try and let me know if you found this Blackberry Keylogger review useful. 

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