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spy-app-blackberryMobile spying software are gaining popularity faster than the speed of light. They are used by many people for spying on various people for various reasons. You may want to spy on a cheating spouse, a clandestinely working child or an irresponsible employee. For this you will need an able and reliable spying software. If the person that you want to spy on is using a Blackberry device, then you might have to look harder as very few reliable software are available which can give you access to everything on a blackberry handheld device. One such device is Spyera Blackberry Spy App.

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Blackberry Spy App Review

Spyera Blackberry Spy App is one of the best Blackberry Spying software available with an abundance of features that its rivals fail to provide. This spying software is the only one that allows you to intercept a live call on a blackberry device. You can also spy the text messages that have been sent as well as received. This software is everything that you would wish for in a spying application.

Phone Call Tracker

With Spyera Blackberry Spy App you can track the location of the device that is the target. The exact location is fed to your secure web account. Also you receive a SMS of thee location. One more feature is of Ambient listening. Spyera Blackberry Spy App allows you to listen to the background without having to listen to the actual conversation. The feature of live call interception is among the best one. You are also notified when a call is made or received. You can then decide if you want to listen to it or not.

Captures Multimedia Files

Smart phones have excellent features that help you to take pictures and record and play audio and videos. With Spyera Blackberry Spy App you can not only view but also download all the multimedia files and save them to your web account. Also, all the multimedia coming from third party applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. is also recorded and stored. Even the pictures that the target only loads but does not download can be viewed along with the wallpaper of the phone.

Get Alerts

One very impressive feature of Spyera Blackberry Spy App is that you get alerts of certain words that you choose. Each time that word is used you are notified. You can flag the important data and Spyera Blackberry Spy App will ready a detailed analysis report on that.

Spy on Messages

With Spyera Blackberry Spy App you can spy on messages of any kind. You get an organized view of sent and received messages that the target sends. Be it SMS, a message on WhatsApp, a multimedia message, an email or just an instant message. The content of all this is recorded and sent to your secure web account.

These were the most basic features of Spyera Blackberry Spy App. This application has many more features that make spying easy and efficient at the same time. I would recommend you to give it a try. Do let me know if you found this Spyera Blackberry Spy App Review of help.

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