How to Capture Images From Your Subject’s Phone?


With end number of features like call and text recording, location tracking, etc. The OneSPY is the one which gives you a software to help you monitor all your subjects. It is well operated with both Android and IOS devices. There are many features in this spyware amongst which the “camera bug” feature is the unique one. With the “camera bug” as the name suggests you can tab and shot the images from the targeted phone along with getting aware of the surroundings where the phone is.


How to Capture Images from Subjects Phone 

 Also this mobile spy app has a parental control feature which lets the parents spy their kids activities on their phones by installing the application into the child’s phone and tabbing through the parental control panel. Moreover, the camera bug and GPS supportive tracking of location features can be put into use simultaneously to know the conversation going on the subject’s phone.

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Working of Camera Bug to Capture Images from Suspects’ Phone

Camera bug is a very handy feature to work with, it transmits a radio frequency signal from the subject phone to your phone and indicates that a big is present with both lightning and making sounds. Also sometimes you may receive a false information if the subject phone is nearby a device whose radio frequency is on and you may mislead your subject.

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Capture Images from Subjects Phone

With this “camera bug” feature you can get notified of all the images instantly clicked and also get aware of the already existing pictures on the subject phone. Once you have known exactly how and what kind of pictures are present, you can see them or you can download them into your own mobile phone through this “camera bug” feature of The OneSPY.

Coming towards ending this article, I would at the end remind you again that spying or monitoring someone’s personal devices is illegal unless it is an urgency and the one who is spying must be intelligent and responsible too.

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