How to capture screenshot or video from Mac Screen?


A Screenshot or a Screen-capture is an image taken from the existing computer screen so as to record the output displayed from a monitor.

Screenshots are captured for a variety of reasons. They can be used for presenting a demo or for educational reasons like preparing a tutorial or a How-To guide.

Mac OS already has a built-in capability for taking the screenshots.

The Built-in feature can be used in the following ways:

  • If you want to take a screenshot of the full screen, press [COMMAND] + [SHIFT] + 3
  • If you want to take the screenshot of only a portion of the screen, press [COMMAND] + [SHIFT] + 4. You will notice that the appearance of the cursor changes to a crosshair pointer. You can then select the required area by pressing [SHIFT], [OPTION] or [SPACEBAR]


Screenshot Capture Tools for Mac

If you want to capture screenshot or video from Mac Screen and add variations to the screenshot by adding text, graphics or make it compatible to be used in other applications, you will have to use a more powerful application.

Following are some of the tools that are Free to use and can be downloaded and used anytime. You can choose the tool that is best suited for your specific needs based on the features listed.

Captur – Has a feature to add Menu-bar functionality. But is a basic tool and cannot be used to perform professional tasks.

QuickTime – This tool comes with the Mac OS and is free to use. The advantage is that, you can export the screenshots to most of the popular Mac formats. If you are using it for multiple applications, this could be the best tool for you. However, the tool does not have features for advanced editing capabilities.

Jing – This tool can be used for Social media tasks and sharing as it includes video capture facility. But it lacks in advance functionalities.

Video Capture Tools For Mac

The following are the most popular Video capture tools for Mac.

Camtasia – Can be used for professional purposes. But since the editing features are minimal, it cant be used for high-resolution videos like games.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio – Has User-Friendly interface with exhaustive editing tools but no zoom/crop options.

Screenium2.1 – Has an extensive advance features but hard to learn for a novice and poor support.

ScreenFlow4 – Easy to use and rich in features. However, not compatible files and cannot capture portion of screen.

Wondershare Video Editor for Mac

This All-purpose Video capture and editing tool has gained popularity because of its versatile features of being both professional and feature-rich. It is also cheap and easy to learn.

The features include:

  • Support of multiple formats and export options
  • Use-friendly interface
  • Text and Audio editing with Music library
  • Special effects and video editing features like overlays, filmic elements and filters
  • Speed control

All the above features make Wondershare one of the best in the market.

So this article sums up the inbuilt as well as other ways to capture screenshot or video from Mac screen. If you just need screenshots without additional modification then Mac’s inbuilt option is enough but if you are looking for too many edition then you would need a professional all in one video editor like Wondershare Video Editor for Mac.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version 

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  1. Quicktime may be built-in but Acethinker screen grabber is much better for performance and it generates smaller file sizes.


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