How to Clear Spotify Cache on Windows, Mac, iPhone (iOS) and Android

Spotify, as one of the most comprehensive streaming music platforms of today’s generation, delivers free and licensed audio tracks for music fans to enjoy listening with their smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Unlike iTunes or SoundCloud, Spotify users are only allowed to listen and not to download any song from the legitimate service provider.

While other platforms offer licensed songs for a fee, People still prefer listening to their favorite music and playlists through Spotify rather than paying money out of their pockets. But here’s the inherent problem, Spotify consumes a lot of disk space on your desktop and mobile devices even though you’re just listening online.

Eventually, Spotify will take most of your internal storage, giving you more difficult times when you want to install some useful apps on your devices.

This also limits the use of other mobile apps and even slows down your PC. Surprisingly, Spotify doesn’t have any “Clear Cache” button on some devices to remove these cache files, but instead, it will request you to reinstall the software again.

Explore these simple steps on how to clear all Spotify cache files from different devices faster and safer:

Update: Spotify recently releases a “Clear cache” button on the app, but it seems in the testing phase, only some of the users can see it. You could convert Spotify playlist to mp3 files for offline listen.

1. Clearing Spotify Cache on Windows

Spotify app can be downloaded from its official website as well as from Windows App Store. However, these individual versions vary from one another with regard to deleting Spotify cache files on your PC.

Deleting Spotify Cache files from its original version

Fortunately, removing Spotify cache files from the official Spotify app is exactly the same as the Mac process. Proceed to C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Spotify\ and find the cache directory, then delete it right away. Another option is to visit C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Users\username-user\ and locate the, and then delete them. This process is applicable for both online and offline Spotify cache files.

Clearing cache from Spotify Windows App Store

In this version, you need to locate the AppData folder from your system by typing the keyword “data” on the search bar. Go to Packages – Spotify.SpotifyMusic_zpdnekdrzrea0 – LocalCache- Spotify – Data then delete the entire AddData file directory. Be sure to close the Spotify app prior to cache deletion to prevent a system crash.


2. Clearing Spotify Cache Files on Mac

Spotify cache files are automatically created when you listen to music online or create an offline playlist on your Mac. This only means that the longer you stay connected to Spotify or the more tracks you download for your offline list, the more cache files will fill up the system. To clear all Spotify caches out from your PC, visit /Users/*USERNAME*/Library/Caches/com.Spotify.client/ and then remove the cache file directory inside. To delete the offline caches, find the path /Library/Application, Support/Spotify/ and erase the watch-sources.bnk file manually.

If you are looking for another alternative, there are third-party Spotify cache-removing apps available such as ST Cleaner or Coolmuster to wipe all junk files out of your devices. Spotify cleaners are beneficial in removing all unwanted cache files without the need to reinstalling the music streaming app. Aside from Spotify cache files, many of them are able to delete temporary files, image caches, cookies, and crash logs, among others, allowing your devices to free up some space. Installing a professional cache cleaner can become your next move if you want to delete the caches the faster way.


3. Clearing Spotify cache on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Suggestion 1: Removing your offline playlist permanently

Deleting all current offline playlists significantly saves a lot of storage space. But don’t worry, you can always create a new one once all Spotify caches have been removed. What you need to do is to locate your offline playlist on the Spotify app and delete the specific playlist you no longer want. As an alternative, you can switch off the “Available Offline” button on the playlist to prevent future downloading.

Suggestion 2: Uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify App

Interestingly, Spotify recommends deleting and reinstalling the app to clear all Spotify caches on your iPhone and other iOS devices. Here are the steps below:

  1. Locate the Spotify app from your home screen and press the icon long enough until an “X” icon appears.
  2. Tap the “X” homepage icon from Spotify and cautiously delete the app and other cache files stored in your device.
  3. Search the Spotify app from an app store, download the program and reinstall it on your iOS device.

Suggestion 3: Adjusting the streaming quality

Higher streaming quality greatly affects the performance of the Spotify app each time you listen online, thus leading to higher storage space consumption. All you need to do is to edit the streaming setting. Instead of selecting the “High” option, you can settle down to “Normal” or Extreme” choices. Apart from this, you can always check for Spotify updates to learn new app improvements and storage solutions.

4. Clearing Spotify cache on Android devices

Android smartphones and tablets are no different from iOS devices when it comes to Spotify music enjoyment. Some Android devices only offer limited internal storage, so it will be difficult to manage your disk space if you don’t care about Spotify caches piling up on your device. If you only have limited space, clearing your storage disk from unwanted cache files will give you more breathing room for app installations. You can choose the removal method between standard Android OS or third-party cache cleaners, which give you better control over what you want to delete.

Steps in removing Spotify cache through Android OS:

  1. Launch the Android setting either from your app drawer or home screen.
  2. Scroll down, locate the Spotify app and tap it. You will see all the important information and function menus of Spotify.
  3. Tap the Storage icon, which is positioned next to the buttons.
  4. Tap the “Clear cache” button and wait until the device has finished the process. This will delete all online and offline cache files.

Spotify is undeniably one of the best streaming music platforms where everyone can enjoy listening to original music and awesome playlists. However, it would’ve been better to clean up your music library once in a while from junk files to save up more disk space for future use.

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