How To Convert Audible .aa To MP3


Audio books are generally in DRM protected (Digital Rights Management) Audible AA format. It is not possible to play in any music player in that format. But, there is a tool to convert these protected files to MP3 format so that you can play in your music player or smart phones any time you want.

audible book to mp3If you are downloading audio books from the website, it is in .aa format that is compatible with few devices such as Kindle readers. These are listed Audible Ready products. So even if you have bought the audio by paying money, you will not be able to transfer the audio to your favorite music players or phone devices.

You have the option of burning the audio books as audio CDs using Apple iTunes but the output quality may not be that good.

MP3 is a format that is universally accepted in most of the devices. We will have a look at a third party software and the steps required to convert the .aa files to MP3 format. It will also remove the DRM protection to make it easy to play in various devices.

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The name of the tool that is used to convert DRM protected files to MP3 format is called “DRM Converter Software”. It allows you to remove the DRM protection.

Convert Audible .aa to MP3 Format

Follow the below steps to convert .aa files to .mp3

Free download and install DRM Converter and make sure you have downloaded the Audiobook .AA files to your computer with the Audible Download Manager.

Step 1:  To import the DRM protected .aa files, click on the “Add” button and select the file type as “*.aa” so as to add the files into the software. The “*” symbol is used to denote batch conversion, which means that you can import as many files as you want with .aa extension at one time.

drm converter aax

Step 2: Next, to set the output format, choose the option “Audio files to”. This will expand the list of output formats. Choose “MP3” or “WMA” depending on what format you want your files to be saved. Then click on the “Browse” option to set an output folder so as to save the converted audio files.


Step 3: Then you need to start the conversion process. To do this, click the “Start” button. This will perform the task of removing the DRM protection from the files chosen. Then the files will be converted to MP3 in a few seconds. To transfer the converted files to your smartphones or music players, click on “Find Target” button. This will allow you to move the content to your music players.

This is the easiest and the most reliable procedure to have your audio books to be played on your music players and mobile devices. Like MP3, you can also convert them to .WMA format using the same procedure.

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  1. Conversion time. 11 hour audible aa file to mp3. How long to convert?


    • The conversion time depends on the length of your audible file and the power of computer.


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