How To Convert iTunes Movies To AVI/MP4 Effortlessly


Are you one of those who wants to play videos in AVI or MP4 format but unable to do so because your player is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker? There is a way to convert iTunes .M4V and .MOV video files to .AVI/.MP4 format so that you can play them on your favorite video players.

While MOV files can be easily converted to AVI format file, it is little complicated to convert the M4V files because these files are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. These files are protected with the aim of protecting the digital content by publishers and copyright holders after these digital materials are sold. To play them in your video players, this DRM protection needs to be removed first.

itunes to avi

Aimersoft DRM Converter is a powerful tool that can help you in removing this protection and play your favorite videos in AVI format in your video players. This software not only converts MOV but M4V, MP4 and MOV files with ease at the same time removing the DRM protection from the video files.

Convert iTunes Movies To AVI/MP4

The following are the steps to be followed to convert iTunes movies to AVI/MP4 format:

First download the Aimersoft DRM Media converter program on your computer. Run the executable file and install on your computer.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

Step 1: Once you have installed, open the application. On the main interface, click on “Add” button to select one or more iTunes movies that you want to convert and load them to the window. You can use the Batch conversion utility to add multiple files that you help in saving time.

drm media converter

Step 2: You have the option to choose the destination format. Choose AVI or MP4 as the output format using this option. You can also provide the destination folder where you want to save the resultant AVI/MP4 files.

drm outputformats

Step 3: By using the options in Settings, you can set the parameters like Frame rate, bit Rate etc.

drm converter

Step 4: Once you have done pre-requisite settings, press the “Start” button. The conversion process will start immediately. It will take some time to remove the DRM protection and to perform the conversion to AVI/MP4.

 Once the conversion is done, you will be notified of the same. You can then click on “Find Target” to locate the place where the AVI/MP4 files are saved on your computer.


The advantages of using AVI & MP4 files:

  • AVI and MP4 format is the preferred format for Home-made movies.
  • Because of the good quality provided by the AVI or MP4 format, it is preferred for storing Full-length movies.
  • AVI and MP4 are also the preferred format for videos that are used for professional editing purposes because of its flexibility and quality.

Thus using Aimersoft iTunes converter program, you can convert your iTunes video files to AVI/MP4 and play them on the go wherever and whenever you require them. I hope this articles help you to convert iTunes movies to AVI/MP4 easily. Do try it and if you face any difficulty then do let me know by commenting.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

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