How to convert MP4 to MP3 format for Mac?


Even though most of the audio files that we use online are of MP4 format, MP4 files may not be compatible with some of the devices such as smartphones or tablets. MP3 format is one of the most portable when you are inserting audio files in a different application or sharing it through your mobile.

The bottom line is that you would want to convert MP4 to MP3 format for Mac because the MP3 codec is more standard on all devices and software programs. While Mp4 has advantages, you just can’t beat the compatibility of MP3 files.

There are many software applications that can convert MP4 to MP3 files for your Mac. These softwares come with various additional features too. Below, we will discuss some of the most popular softwares and their salient features.

Popular Software To Convert MP4 to MP3 Format For Mac

1. Zamzar

This is a free online tool and is easy-to-use. The features are basic and simple for someone who needs only the conversion functionality and no additional features. The file size limit to convert is 100MB.

The tool has a 4 step process to do the conversion.

Step 1:  Select files to convert

Step 2:  Choose format to convert

Step 3:  Enter email address to receive files

Step 4:  Agree to terms and convert files

If you have a small file to convert to MP3 and no other options required, you can go with this application.


2. MacX Free MP3 Video Converter

This is a multi-purpose tool which incorporates other features along with MP3 converter. It is free to download and use in your Mac. However, the application is not versatile as it has limited number of formats that it supports. If you want to use the additional features, you have to pay for it. The results are also not tried and tested.


3. Wondershare Video Editor for Mac

IF you are looking for a converter that is not only feature-rich but also powerful and reliable, Wondershare Video Editor would be the best pick for you. The application is user-friendly and is tailor-made for both the novice and professional users. The options are numerous but come with a very nominal price.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version




The features of Wondershare Video Editor for Mac include:

  • User friendly interface
  • Various options for export and compatible with most of the popular formats
  • Exhaustive options for special effects
  • Options for editing the audio formats
  • Music library feature

You can choose the tool that best suits your needs. If you are looking for an application that can meet all your expectations and still cheap, Wondershare Video Editor for Mac could be the smartest pick.

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