Convert MySpace to MP3: It’s Possible


Myspace is a free music streaming site and as what i have recalled Myspace was a social media site like facebook. Overpowered by facebook from the past it slowly went down to the bottom. At 2011 Justin Timberlake and other media groups purchase Myspace. Since then it slowly recovered and improved and slowly lesser ads to view. I thought it would be going to shift like other music streaming sites online but still seem to have similar features like social media sites at the same time.


You can try to login if you still have your old account and if not, you can register again if you’d like to. Upon registering it will prompt you to ask if you’re a musician, photographer, DJ or an artist. Once logged in, you can really see the improvements over the past years with its fresh new look. If you are looking for new music or bands then this site is for you. This site for people who wants to share their music,connect and probably be discovered. Make sure to install adobe flash player to be able to view live streaming. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer but not recommended. You can opt to choose to remove artist,post and music for you to be able to listen what you want to hear and see. Audio format is only limited to Mp4 and M4A which are downloadable.. If you have some music you like and download it to MP3 format to your computer, then using Cinch Audio Recorder is the best option for you.


Cinch Audio Recorder can record music on Myspace but don’t expect good audio quality on some songs. Unlike other music streaming sites which offer lossless audio (320 kbps) quality Myspace probably is around 96 kbps. I thought it’s due to the crappy audio format that is uploaded but seems to be reconverted by them using their algorithm once you upload some music. Cinch Audio Recorder has an automatic ID3 feature that would help you save time but one may expect some songs that you need to manually edit due to some songs are from unknown artists. Once you are logged in you will see a video at the center which plays music and you can just play or pause which may be located at the right side almost from the bottom.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

How to Convert Myspace to MP3:

 1: Open Cinch Audio Recorder and Click “Start

 2: Open Myspace playlist and play them one by one (import all you wanted tracks in your playlist)

3: CLick “Stop” and once your done ( the “Start” and “Stop” is the same button)

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide

Music that are recorded will be converted to MP3 automatically, you can fine it on the “Output Folder”. If you would like to add a cover art for the songs you recorded in an album then just download the cover art on the net and add it.

You can not only convert MySpace music to mp3, but also can get music from Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Prime… everything you like from any streaming services.


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