How to Convert PPT to FLV using Cinch PPT to Video Converter?


FLV is still used by some people to compress video with larger files. Although it may not be used mostly today compared few years back but there are still media players that can play this format.

If you’re planning to convert your PPT presentation to FLV to save some storage then here’s how you do it.

How to Convert PPT to FLV using Cinch PPT to Video Converter?

Download Cinch PPT to Video Converter (Windows)

Register on Cinch for an unlimited conversion of PPT files. Free trial can only convert 5 PPT slides for testing purposes.

Start by launching your Cinch PPT to Video Converter on your desktop or laptop.

ppt to video converter

Prepare your PPT slides so that you can just drag and drop the files to Cinch.

ppt to video converter

See that image above?

That happens after you drag and drop your files. In regards with how long it will be added?

Depends, If you have few PPT slide then it will take a few seconds but for larger PPT files then it may take a while but mostly 2-3 minute average.

Once importing files is done, Click the “Output format” and choose FLV for the video output.

output format for video converter

You can click “Convert” right away just to get a feel of it.

Once you get a hang of it, you can add more seasoning or taste to your presentation.

What I meant about that is to add effect whether background music, change the resolution of the output video or probably change the slide transition to get the best result you desire.

Key Features of Cinch PPT to Video Converter

Video Resolution

Want to have a more clarity on your video?

Cinch can give you that with its multiple video resolution option to choose from starting from 640 x 480 up to 1920 x 1080, cool right?

Now you don’t have to worry if you’re adding a video clip or just an ad to make it more a little interesting, I’m sure your audience would love it.

Background Music

Got a song in mind you want to add?

Music can be helpful to add life to your report and it’s more entertaining this way to increase the attention span of your viewers.

Here’s how to do it, familiar with Cinch Audio Recorder?

It’s the best tool for adding background music to your presentation since you can be sure the quality of the music you get is high or lossless.

For recap of Cinch Audio Recorder on how to use are just three easy simple steps

Start Recording—–> Play music on any streaming sites—–> Stop recording

If you’re worried about the file size of the audio, it will only small since it will be converted to MP3 with a bitrate of 320kbps.

A lot higher than most MP3 with 128kbps bitrate.

Slide Transition

This can be a handy feature when you have more to say on a slide. At least you can give the important details to your viewers without fail.

To effectively know how long, just time yourself how long it will take you to finish up a slide.

Once you’re done adding features to your presentation then click “convert

See that three icons on the right?

You can check the video output by clicking open file. If you think it’s perfect already then open the folder by clicking the second icon to copy and save it to your flash drive. If it needs more tweaking, then you can delete it and redo it again.

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