How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes for Free


iTunes is a brilliant tool for organizing and managing music released by Apple. It works on both Windows and Mac computers and IOS devices. Most of us have a large music collection in iTunes and need to clear them out but don’t know how. Because iTunes can’t delete duplicates by itself.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you two ways to find duplicated songs and get rid of them.

Method One: The Best Way – Delete Duplicates in iTunes Quickly and Automatically by using Tunes Cleaner

Let’s check the main features of the program :

* Delete and removes duplicate music in iTunes library (or the folder you wanted Tunes Cleaner to scan in) automatically. It contains two scanning modes:
a. Quick Scan:It is according to music information, like title, artist, album, file size, time.
b. Deep Scan:Advanced acoustic fingerprint technology is adopted in Deep Scan to accurately scan and find duplicates.
* Tidy up the largest iTunes library, and it also works with other music folders.
* Automatically get album artwork iTunes, download and add music tags including artist, album, song name, etc. to complete music information easily.
* Allows you to manually edit the undefined and incomplete music tags for iTunes music library and other music folders, including artist, album, album cover, title, etc.

How to use:

1. Select “Clean-up Duplicates” in the main interface.

2. You will see two scanning modes – Quick Scan and Deep Scan, choose one of them.
Tips: Here we recommend “Deep Scan“.

3. Click “Scan iTunes” button to for deleting duplicate songs in iTunes. After that, click “Scan” to start scanning duplicates.

4. All the duplicate songs will be find out, just mark the items you want remove and then click “Remove” icon to take this task.

Review of deleting duplicates the by using Tunes Cleaner:

Pro: Remove quickly and easiest, and also can delete your other duplicated music on your computer.
Tidy and organize both your iTunes music and local music.
Con: It not free, just provide a free trail.


Mothed Two: The Free Way – Delete duplicates on iTunes itself

You can follow below steps:

1. Open your iTunes program.
2. Choose “Songs” at the “Library” sidebar on the left of the iTunes window.
3. Click “File> Library>Show Duplicate Items” at the top of the iTunes window.
4. Sort by songs name or artist to group items together. Click “All” to view the duplicate songs listing.
5. Click on the “Name” column in iTunes: this ensures that view duplicate files next to each other.

6. Mark the duplicates that you want to remove.
7. Choose “Song > Delete” at the top of the iTunes window.
8. Click “Done” to finish delete the duplicated songs.

Review of deleting duplicates on iTunes itself:

Pro: It is free.
Con: Not always works, matches are based on the same songs and artist; it will show only the duplicate songs that have the same name, artist and album. So the effect of this way is poor, will not meet the needs of users.


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