How to Delete Photos from iPhone Permanently

Believe it or not, photographs occupy a lot of space in your iPhone. So, if your phone is working slow or giving or problems, it is because a lot of space has been occupied. This is when you have free some space for the smooth functioning of your phone. Manually deleting so many pictures can be quite a task. Also these pictures are not completely deleted and can be recovered very easily using Photo Recovery software. So if you have information that you cannot have leaked, it is important that you delete these pictures permanently. To do this, you can make use of Wondershare SafeEraser.

How to Delete Photos from iPhone Permanently

Wondershare SafeEraser is an application that can delete all your pictures permanently. This way your pictures cannot be recovered by using recovery software as well. This is the safest option if you have some pictures that you don’t want leaked.

Step 1: Delete photos from your iPhone

If you want to delete pictures manually, open the photos app on your iDevice. After you find the pictures that you want to delete, click on select and click on the dustbin icon at the lower right corner to delete the selected pictures. If you are using an iPhone 6s which runs on iOS 9, then you will first have to delete the pictures from the Recently Added folder.   

delete photos from iphone completely

Step 2: Download and install Wondershare SafeEraser

Now all you have to do download Wondershare SafeEraser for Windows or Mac according to your need. After downloading and installing it successfully, run the program. Now connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.

Download and install Wondershare SafeEraser

Step 3:  Scan for deleted photos on iPhone

In the primary Window, click on Erase Deleted Files. The program will start scanning your phone for deleted pictures. This process will take a little time to complete.

Scan for delete photos on iPhone

Step 4: Delete photos from iPhone permanently

You will find a result page where you have to click on Photos. Then click on Erase Now. Make sure that your phone is connected throughout the process.

delete photos from iphone completely

This is how you can permanently delete pictures from your iPhone. I would recommend you to give Wondershare SafeEraser a try and leave comments about your experience. I hope this How to Delete Photos from iPhone Permanently Guideline was helpful.

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