Design Evo Review: Create Free Online Logo in Minutes


Having a good logo for your company or brand is very essential because it gives the first impression of your target market.  It should represent your company’s culture and your product’s quality. However, hiring a professional logo maker would cost you a fortune if you are a startup or a small business entrepreneur.  If your business is still at this level, you would rather do some things on your own. 

Design Evo Review: Create Free Online Logo in Minutes

design evo screen

DesignEvo answers the need of many of us who are still juggling our budget between business growth and branding investments.   It is a free web-based logo design tool that allows the user to create a bespoke logo without the need for expert graphic design skills.  It’s so easy to use that anybody can practically delve into it!

So, I gave this free tool a try and was amazed at how it works! 

I went to their website and immediately clicked on “Make A Free Logo.”  I was expecting a myriad of sign up process which usually involves filling up my information details, creating my password, verifying my email address, and so on.  I was surprised that I was immediately directed to its main workspace. 

No hassles on the first step!    

There are Two Choices

design evo dashboard

If you are a beginner at graphic design or if you are someone who wants everything easy and ready in a matter of minutes, you can search from its collection of hundreds of logo templates that are categorized into industries.  The second choice is creating the logo from scratch which requires a few graphic design skills.

Obviously, I went the easy path of choosing a template.  My business is in the Sports and Fitness Category, so I chose the template that best fits my company.  A window popped up with fields that require me to input my business name and slogan. 

These were pasted to the template right after I answered the fields. I changed the colors to green, chose a better font and added some few elements. All in its interface can easily be understood so it’s easy to navigate to create the logo that you want. 

Logo Masterpiece in a Few Clicks

My logo was done with just a few clicks! 

There was a preview available for me to check how it looks on a business card, letterhead, signage, website, and corporate items. I was completely satisfied and downloaded my logo masterpiece.  Before I could get it, DesignEvo requested me to share it to my social media newsfeed. 

I shared away! Why not?

I’d like my contacts and friends know about DesignEvo and save time and money from logo making.

Overall, the tool helped me from the conceptualization to the conception of my logo.  The templates are very handy especially that I am not an expert at graphic design. On the other hand, you can customize all you want.   This is, by far, the most flexible tool I encountered.

Apart from the templates, all things are available – font styles, colors, shapes, styles and other elements.  Everything can be placed according to how you want them to be. 

It also saved me a lot of time and money from hiring a professional graphic designer, which is important for a small business owner like me.  Any amount saved can contribute to my company’s other equally important expenses or investments.

It also gave me a sense of pride knowing that I created my own company’s logo.  With my personal touch, the logo created through DesignEvo definitely speaks of my company’s branding, culture and my own personality.


In conclusion, I highly recommend this tool to everyone.  It’s easy, user-friendly and cost-efficient.  Try it and share in your experience by commenting. If you find this article useful then do share it with your friends online.

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