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Accuradio is an internet radio which started in the early 2000 which offers thousands of curated channels like jazz, pop , rock, country, classical, Christian and more.

In 2006 and 2008 it was awarded as the best radio and belong to the top 10-15 most streamed radio online.

The great thing about accuradio is they offer unlimited skips and no subscription is needed so it’s free or no membership fee. There are no requests option but if you do want a song to be available in Accuradio, you can write them feedbacks and they will reply to you when available.

The most played song on Accuradio is due to their rating system where you can rate your favorite music. Those songs that are not rated much will not be played. If you like a song and want to buy then it’s available and you will be taken to Amazon or any partner site of Accuradio.



Accuradio is available to android, iOS, Chrome, Sonus, Roku, Nook

Like SoundCloud and Myspace where independent artist can submit their music or songs for them to be known. If you have kids also who listens to either app and PC on Accuradio, you can temporarily block some artist or songs if they have explicit lyrics or content. For this to be done is you need to be registered and if you want to listen to those song is you can just unban them by clicking the lower right side of the player.


Offline feature

Most music streaming sites have offline option where you can save your music on the playlist menu but sadly on Accuradio this option is not available since that would be a copyright violation under the terms of DMCA.

You can see the article on their site.


Enjoy Uninterrupted Service

One must meet the requirements to ensure smooth service


Windows PC

  • Windows XP or higher


  • OS 10.5 or higher



  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox 3.6 or higher
  • Safari 4 or higher


Other Requirements

  • Must enable Javascript
  • Disable adblocker
  • Deactivate Popup blockers
  • Enable Cookies


Enhance Music listening Experience

You can blend various channels together and in doing so registering is a must. Login after registering

click the “shuffle” button on the player and blend with other channels you like.


Downloading music legally from  Accuradio is only possible by recording it.

The best audio recorder on the net is Cinch Audio Recorder which records music either online radio and music streaming sites like SoundCloud, Myspace, Spotify, Youtube and more.

When recording songs you don’t have to worry when in regards with tagging since it has ID3 tagging feature which will automatically inputs artist, title and album.

If you encounter unfamiliar songs with no tags  then you can always click the “Edit ID3” icon and place the tags manually.

Cinch Audio Recorder

                                                   Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide


1:  Click “Start Recording” after opening Cinch

2: Play radio on Accuradio and wait

3: Click “Stop recording” once done.


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