How to Download Music from Your Wishlist Using Audials One 2018?

A lot of us are searching for songs we like.

But most of us use different software to find an artist, title, and songs.

Audials One 2018 is one of the software for downloading or recording music, music television, music hits, Podcast, and more.

If you’re looking for a song but can’t seem to find it, use Audials. You can add it to your wish list. There is some artist present for you to add their songs to your wish list.

Before anything else, be sure to register Audials One 2018 for the wishlist to be available.

You can add top songs, music or anything you wish to download or record.

Download Audials One 2018:Click Here

To look for specific ones, use the search box and add it to your wish list.


Below the artist is a button for you to add or remove.

The songs available per artist can be added to the wish list like below.

Add more song

Add more songs before activating your wish list.

Once you’re finished, click the activate list and edit the settings of your choice.

activate list

Click Activate wish list button.

Just wait afterwards for it to be done.

On the right side of Audials, you can preview each song you added to your wish list.

Adding Compilations

It is similar to the steps above.


There are a lot of compilations to choose from, just browse and just listen to it before adding to your wishlist

Using Music Zoom

It uses other music streaming sites and plays the best quality music. These music streaming sites are Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, Veoh, and Daily Motion.

audials completion

You can zoom in and out to discover the different artist. Upon selecting an artist, the songs available will show up in the upper left corner. Using Audials music zoom, you need to view it on a full screen to show.

Dragging left to right, top to bottom or vice versa will show more selection not just for the artist but different Genre as well.

You noticed that the icons are different in sizes, the reason for this is that if the artist is more significant or popular then the icon will be more bigger. To look for the artist on a specific Genre, be sure to make use of the zoom in and zoom out function.

Be sure to edit your list, later on, to be more organized and for easier locating a specific track.

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