Dr.Fone – Erase (Android): Android Data Eraser Review

If we are looking for ways how to recover data on our Android devices, there’s a tool also on removing or deleting everything on our mobile phones.

Why is there a need to delete all of the information completely on our devices?

erase data on android

If you’re the type of person who handles mostly everything on your smartphone then apps like PayPal, Bank, important documents, notes with password, private images, texts and more will need special attention.

Dr.Fone – Erase (Android): Android Data Eraser Review

One most common reason why we want to make sure everything is deleted is the time when we want to sell our Android phones and upgrade to a higher and new released Android. If you plan to sell it, doing factory reset won’t delete everything.

Doing factory reset can still be recovered by software if the user knows how to do it.

So if you’re planning to sell your old and not used phones, use Dr. Fone-Erase Android to completely delete it.

Why Use Dr. Fone-Erase Android?

dr fone eraser Most people are Android users and as you can see the trend of technology nowadays that newly released smartphones today will be outdated after 6-8 months. And once outdated, we usually sell our old phones for getting the newer updates, following the trends, and for other reasons.

Download Android Data Eraser: Click Here

Most of us are not aware that recovery software are available online and it’s quite a lot already. If you’re not careful, people might take advantage of these recovery software just to get information out of your old phones.

There are quite a few already reported that after they sold their smartphones, some of their private images or text resurfaced. As what they remember, they already did factory reset before they sold it or even deleted it before doing erasing all data completely.

How can it Help Protect You?

Dr. Fone-Erase helps erasing the existing or stored data on your phone. The information stated includes your photos, videos, text messages, and other private data.

It supports most Android devices out there in the market. The data erased are not 100% recoverable, no single data are stored, and every person either tech-savvy or not can easily use it.

Be Confident Selling your Old Smartphones

Never worry about anything in regards to breaching any privacy that may be obtained from any mobile devices you have full proof security and assurance that its not recoverable.

Check out some of the reviews from people who have used the software.

At first I was skeptical but it turns out working perfectly. Nice!!

from Bob

Dr. Fone erased completely on my S5 without a hitch. Now I can sell it without worrying about my information.”

from Jerry

It really worked smoothly”

From Alex

Got any old/outdated smartphones to sell?

Sell them with confidence using Dr. Fone-Erase (Android). I hope you find this Dr.Fone – Erase (Android): Android Data Eraser Review useful; if you find it to be useful then do share it with your friends in protecting their data. If you have already tried using the software then share in your experience by commenting.

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