Duplicate Music Files Finder – Find and Remove Duplicate Mp3/M4a/Flac/Ape files


As a music fan you may keep thousands of music collection in your computer. The more audio files you keep, the more time it takes to clean out duplicates. This is a troubling problem with maintaining a music collection. It is stupid and impractical to find duplicate music by listening to the entire music library.

Here we recommend a fast duplicate music files finder to automatically do the hard work for you. Leawo Tunes Cleaner will help you find and remove duplicate music files (including mp3, M4v, Flac and Ape format) from your hard disk or iTunes library in just few clicks. It will make your music library organized and free up valuable disk space on your pc or Mac.

Here the step by step guide:


Step 1: Choose the right mode

Launch the software, and choose “Clean-up Duplicates” mode. 

Then choose the scan mode as you need:

Quick Scan”: It is according to music information, like songs name, artist, album, file size, time.

Deep Scan”: Advanced acoustic fingerprint technology is adopted in Deep Scan to accurately scan and find duplicates.

Tips: If you save the songs less, or you want to remove duplicates quickly, it is recommended to use “Quick Scan” mode; if many, it is recommended to use “Deep Scan” mode.


Step 2: Load music for duplicates removing

Load music files by clicking “Add” button or directly drag music files form your local folder to the software.


Step 3: Find the duplicate music files and Start to remove them

Click on the “Scan” button to start scanning duplicate songs, the software will list all the duplicates clearly. You can mark the duplicates you want to delete, then click “Remove” button to remove them.

Now, your music library is very clean by using this powerful duplicate music files finder, if you are an iTunes user, you can also delete duplicate music on iTunes with it. Just enjoy the fun of music.

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