How to Erase iPhone History using SafeEraser

Many a times we change our phones and while doing so we copy data from the old one to the new one. But before you give that phone to somebody it is always advisable to delete all the data from it permanently. Manually deleting data is not the same as deleting it permanently because it can be retrieved by using simple methods. It is prudent if you use Wondershare SafeEraser to delete data permanently so that it can never be retrieved. Here is how you can do that.

How to Erase iPhone History using SafeEraser?

 Download and install Wondershare SafeEraser

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

At first you should to start erasing all your information from your iPhone is to download Wondershare SafeEraser. You can do so by clicking on the download button below. After the download is complete you will have to install the software. The installation process will not take more than ten minutes if you have a good internet connection.

Step 1: Erase Data

Once the downloading and installation process is completed successfully, you will have to start by launching Wondershare SafeEraser. After doing that, it’s main interface window will open. In this window, select the Erase Private Data option.

Erase Data

Step 2: Scan your Phone

Wondershare SafeEraser will now start scanning your phone. You will not have to perform any functions because the software will work on its own. A screen as shown in the picture will appear. The progress of your scan will be shown on the screen.

Scan your Phone

Step 3: Select the Data you Wish to Delete

Wondershare SafeEraser will finish scanning your device and then display all the available data on the screen. Now select the data that you want to delete permanently. After you have marked all the data, click on Erase Now.

Select the Data you Wish to Delete

Step 4: Confirm the Data that you Wish to Delete

Wondershare SafeEraser will now ask you to confirm all the data that you wish to delete. You will have to type in delete where ever you are asked to. The software will now start deleting your data.

Confirm the Data that you Wish to Delete

After the deletion is complete, a window similar to what is shown in the image below will appear.

Step 6

Your data has been successfully deleted. There is absolutely no way by which you or any other person can retrieve it. I hope this How to Erase iPhone History using SafeEraser guideline article was of use to you. Do let me know via comments.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

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