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PDF documents are either viewed or created to facilitate the growing need for business communication, product presentation and information gathering in many industries today. Among hundreds of PDF reader alternative released today, one of them will most likely suit your viewing preference the best. If you are working in a fast-paced environment, using a reliable, lightweight and speedy PDF reader is considered a must. Take another leap in your business milestone and explore what Evince PDF viewer is all about.

What is Evince?

evince PDF ReaderDeveloped by the Evince Team, Evince is an excellent document viewer for Windows and Linux operating systems, created to access a wide range of popular file formats. Its latest version supports formats such as Postscript, PDF, DjVu and DVI among others. Evince attempts to solve different PDF viewing discomforts by replacing the multi-functional document viewers with a highly intuitive application. It offers PDF users more convenient options for navigation to open a document clutter-free on screen.

Features and More

One of the key features of Evince is the integrated search capability where users can view the number of results found as well as highlight the items on the document. Within a PDF document, you have an option to display thumbnails of the pages for better page navigation. If ever you opened a PDF document that supports indices, Evince will display the document index similar to an organizational chart or a tree format. This option enables you to transfer from one section of the document to another.

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Evince remains intuitive and competitive when it comes to the comfortable viewing of documents. Users can view two full-size pages at a time or choose between slideshow or full-screen page views. Text contents of PDF documents can be selected and copied to another program such as MS Word or notepad. Furthermore, if your PDF source includes OCR data, Evince allows you to highlight the text contents of the scanned images and copy them to a new file.

Evince Supported File Formats

Evince is capable of supporting different single and multi-page file formats including PDF, PostScript, Multi-Page TIFF, DVI, DjVu, Adobe Illustrator Artwork, Comic Book Archives, images, PPT, MS Word, Abi Word and the list goes on.

User Benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Not loaded with unnecessary features
  • Systematic arrangement of navigation panes, menus, and toolbars
  • Minimum disk space required
  • Available in portable version
  • Document viewing is convenient while scrolling and jumping from one page to another.
  • Toolbar can be customize by changing the positions of the icons


  • Customized user settings can’t be saved.
  • Some graphic icons of user interface appear small
  • Evince will consume time to open large PDF documents.

Even though the PDF documents are covered with DRM restrictions, Evince still allows users to copy text, convert files and print them when necessary. If you wish to change the contents of the documents, you can save the entire document as a text file.

Evince is a dedicated free PDF reader alternative that allows you to perform more than just viewing an ordinary document. In terms of simplicity and functionality, this user-friendly software seems to be the right one for you.

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