How to Factory Reset your Android Phone


There may be several reasons why you want to reset your phone to its original factory settings. you may want to give your phone to somebody else for use at that time you will want to clear all the data from your phone before handing it over. When your phone has been affected by a virus, it is smart to let it erase all the data and reset setting to factory. By this way the virus will be deleted automatically. Also you can perform a reset if your phone has become extremely slow. All the junk files will be deleted and your phone will start working like it has just taken out of the box.

How to Factory Reset your Android Phone

Method 1: Perform a Factory Reset from the Device

Generally, you can turn to your device for factory resetting, as it is provided in “Settings” > “Back up and Reset” > “Factory data reset“. Make sure you have backed up all your data like photos, contracts, text messages, etc. from your phone before you factory reset your device. Also, you can make a backup of all installed apps and games with personal information. 

method 1


Method 2: Factory Reset Android in Recovery Mode

If you have happened to forget the unlock PIN on your Android device, the method presented above will not help at all. As you can’t access the phone, factory reset your device in Recovery Mode is the best way for you now. Simply turn off your device. Then you can try pressing certain combinations of buttons like “Power” + “Volume –“, or “Home” Back“, to enter into Recovery Mode. Select “Wipe date/factory reset” in the option menu. This will send your Android device is into the factory reset process.


This is a very easy process but may be unknown to several Android users. I hope this How to Factory Reset your Android Phone article was of use to you. Do  let me know via comments if you have any queries.

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  1. Another reason to factory reset your phone would be if you want to sell it. Great tips, thanks for sharing!


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