Feature Comparison: iCloud & iTunes VS iOS Data Recovery


The very famous iTunes and iCloud are the two most common and popular recovery methods used by the iPhone operators. Well, there are some more creative ways in which you can restore your iDevices. I have come across three different ways in which you can restore your iDevice with well aware of each of its pros and cons. Lets have a look and make you too aware of this three ways.




Way 1. Restore iDevice from iTunes and iCloud.

When using iTunes:

Run the iTunes software on your PC and connect the iDevice to the PC through the USB Cables. Now, select the “file” option where you have to click on “device” and then followed by clicking on “restore” from the backup. After this, select the contents present in the backup which you wish to get back and click on “restore”.

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When using iCloud:

When you reboot your iPhone, a box must appear on the screen asking you to set up your iPhone. Now you must select “restore” from the iCloud Backup and select the contents which you want to recover. Finally, when done with selecting backup, hit the “restore” so that the restoration process starts. This process may sometimes take hours to get completed successfully so you need to keep both your devices well charged or on charging.

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Way 2. Pros and Cons in Restoring Backups with iCloud and iTunes.

ICloud: very handy and comfortable user interface. ICloud Backup doesn’t restore items which aren’t bought from the iTunes. Moreover, you get free 5GB storage and more can be purchased online if needed.

ITunes: iTunes has no space restrictions and has the ability to backup everything. Also it is unbeatable in speed when compared with iCloud while restoring your iPhone.

IOS Data Recovery’s Unique Feature.

After searching and experimenting with lot of other software, we have finally concluded that IOS Data Recovery is the one stop solution for creative restoring. The following are the reasons why it is so:

  • handy 3 steps and the task is done—connect, scan and recover.
  • nothing can be not backed up and restored: applications, contacts, SMS, Music, to name a few.
  • unlimited space and quick performance.

A very unique feature of IOS Data Recovery is that it provides with selective chance to choose for the ones you wish to backup without disturbing the present contents.



Lost Contents can be Recovered on IOS Data Recovery by the following steps:

Step 1. When installed, run the IOS Data Recovery and get the iDevice connected to your PC using the USB Cable.

Step 2. On the homepage of the software, click on “IOS” then followed by “iTunes” and further clicking on “iCloud” will lead you to another new screen.

Step 3. Here you can choose any recovery mode and then you get the chance to selectively choose your contents by ticking on them.

Each method detailed above has its own pros and cons and abilities. Doesn’t matter’s whichever tool you use, backing up your data is most recommended. So hope this article was useful to you. Let us know your point of view by commenting in the below given comment box.





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