Filmora 8.5 Review | Best Video Editor Review


Applying a free video software tool is a convenient way to convert raw footage into an exciting media presentation. However, If you are planning to add different audio tracks, put in some sound effects, cut some video parts or simply create a video filled with images and subtitles, you probably need a professional editor to do these things.

Filmora 8.5 Review | Best Video Editor Review

Introducing the Versatile Filmora 8.5

Filmora 8.5 is an easy-to-use video editing software specifically designed for social media enthusiasts and beginner editors minus all the complicated features. It is a free downloadable application that works efficiently on both Windows and Mac OS as well as supports multiple video formats. This unique editing software employs a user-friendly interface combined with all the essential tools to deliver high-quality videos more effectively. Consider Filmora 8.5 as another convenient option other than Windows Movie Maker, OpenShot or iMovie in bringing your exciting videos to a whole new level.

Software Interface is Made Simple

Filmora 8.5 features an easy-to-navigate interface that allows users to have an easy time editing their personal videos without taking difficult procedures. Similar to professional video editing tools, it also comes with three-panel frame layouts that display the source content, timeline and the preview of the video output. There is a working area serving as your storyboard that allows you to simply drag and drop the video clips in place until you fill up the entire movie length. Apart from this, a scissor tool may come in handy if you need to split the source clips and delete the unnecessary ones.

Utilizing the Standard features and more


Filmora 8.5 offers a wide range of special editing features that make your source videos look more interesting. Its working platform makes it easy for users to apply different editing applications like filters, music background, sound effects, fading effects, subtitles, moving graphics and image rotation among others. Aside from the included camera-shake effects, colors and text styles, customized add-ons such as transitions, frame overlays, titles and lower thirds are available at an additional cost. Purchasing these add-ons will definitely provide more editing options to help you comply the specific requirements of your video project.

As your creative juices grow, Filmora 8.5 even offers you more exciting functions like split screen, pop-up and video captioning. Customizable speed controls allow you to run the video 100 times faster or in slow motion. Another exciting feature of Filmora 8.5 is its ability to import and edit video sources with fast-moving contents taken from high-resolution video recorders. Using this feature, you can now modify videos containing racing events, skydiving, and various sports activities.

Aspiring to Become an Expert

Filmora 8.5 never runs out of creative options to help you establish a nice-looking video. There are special tools like noise reduction, panning or zooming movement, frame-by-frame preview, and clip thumbnail among others by which all are useful for precise editing. You may also modify text appearances, colors, text animation and full embedment of audio tracks to the actual video. Additionally, Filmora offers users a variety of video formats to complement easier uploading of projects on various video sharing websites.

Enhance your level of creativity by exploring the advanced features of Filmora 8.5 and discover the great results beyond imagination.

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