Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe Review


flash-gallery-factory-deluxeWondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe is an outstanding Flash slideshow maker and photo gallery software which allows to make a conjunctive flash slideshow. This web photo gallery software allows you to create dynamic flash slideshow and photo gallery for website with SWF, XML and HTML as output formats. No flash skills are required, and it makes your every penny count. This application will surely see to it that your flash has an astonishing professional look.

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe Review

Top Features of Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe


This feature of Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe Review helps you to take flash slideshow to next level like a pro by just dragging and dropping pre-made awesome animation clips.


With this feature, the software allows you to drive audiences to your website using hyperlinks in text, photo, clip art and hyperlink when flash ends.

Text Effects

Adding personalized and animated titles with font, size, style and color, and preset text effects is another fantastic feature of this application.

Background Settings

This application also specifies solid color and/or favorite image as flash background instead of the default settings.

This amazing feature of Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe provides your audience a fun pre-loader when loading flash & adds logo for business branding too.

Photo Effects

This tool also has a one-click feature to intensify a photo with Color Balance, Sharpen, Mosaic, Blur effects and much more.

Benefits of Using Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe

  1. Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe consists of over 120+ amazing flash templates free along with 30+ stunning 3D gallery templates and 10+ advanced templates with multi-albums help you organize your photos motilely.
  2. More than 40 free themed and 50 general templates for easy photo presentation on web.
  3. Clear workflow to make a flash slideshow or gallery step by step.
  4. Ready-to-use flash templates for every event and occasion.
  5. Instantly share flash on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter & more.
  6. No flash programming and HTML skills required. You just simply need to add preloader & intro, preview in real-time.
  7. Change the default transition effects – 3D transitions, wipe transitions, fade transitions, splash transitions and more to choose from.
  8. Touch up photos with crop, rotate, flip and filter effect tools.
  9. Easily save as SWF, XML, HTML, EXE, and Screen Saver to publish on website manually or enjoy slideshow/gallery on PC, upload to FTP server to publish automatically on website or instantly email to family and friends as attachment.


This is perhaps the best software to make a flash slideshow as no skilled or trained person is required. A novice too can actually work with ease using this tool. Try using this application and share your views in comment boxes below.

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