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There are people who are constantly busy tapping on their cell phones and you may sometimes feel a need to know what actually they are texting about. It can be anyone like a parent who is worried about his child’s addiction to texting or a boss who needs to know if the employees are avoiding their works from a new way of SMS messages. Well, here’s an application called Flexispy which will help you find out the truth about any message chat conversions on the aimed smartphone.


Plainly logging in to your Flexispy control panel provides you with all SMS messages and details.

Flexispy Review

FlexiSpy is an advanced forerunner software which allows easy smartphone tracking. It logs call information, tracks text messages that come and go. You can use it on most cell phones as its compatible with iPhone, Android, Symbian and Blackberry operating systems. Drill in to know more about this amazing software!

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Wonderful Features of Flexispy

Track GPS Location

Flexispy allow GPS location tracking as well. The Almighty GPS enables the option of seeing the location and movements of a person on a map as well as sends the report to a user with all the details.

Alerts and Keywords

This unique feature of Flexispy – spy on devices software allows you to set up alerts (sent to your own phone/email) for specific phone numbers or to spot certain keywords like any narcotic or profanity.

Blocking apps

Using Flexispy you can view all apps installed on the device and close them or even uninstall them by chance.

Update and Upgrade casually

 Many features can be integrated with the Control Center which may be like installing software updates or upgrading them to latest versions. You can also stop, start or remove the software without accessing to the target phone.

Password Cracker

 This is basically a Keylogger which once installed and activated will record anything be it any passwords or codes or login details entered on the targeted device. This Keylogger makes every username and password entered on the device accessible to you and can even record the passkey to unlock the target phone.

Remote Stealth Camera

It is achieved through remote command which is sent from the online web portal remotely. When the target phone receive command it will take the photo.


  1. Instant Message Monitoring: Flexispy is best when we talk about monitoring Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, BBM, WeChat, etc.
  1. Call Interception: Also Flexispy allows you to listen and record live phone calls. Very few software programs have this kinda capability and Flexispy is one of them.
  1. Listen to the Phone’s Surroundings: A unique trait that will let your hear what’s happening around the phone which means the surrounding will be audible to you of the aimed phone wherever it goes.


Flexispy is undoubtedly an astonishing software with exciting features are worth each penny. No one can beat Flexispy now as currently they are the leading spy software on the market when advanced features are taken into consideration.

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