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HTC Desire 826 Review – Another Overpriced Gimmick From HTC

With recent times, HTC mobile launches resembled something of the Apple iPhone launch. It was high on the pricing, but definitely low on the functionality. However, HTC aims to eradicate that particular thing. It is now looking at giving out the best products in the market, and that too for a comprehensive pricing. However, when it comes to product launches

$10 for Apple streaming music service

The Wall Street Journal cited sources as saying that Apple streaming music set the price tag  at $10 a month (Previously reported as $ 9.99 and $ 7.99). Moreover, Apple is negotiating with record companies, trying to reduce the price of streaming music services, but failed. In this matter the price, Apple got more headache. Currently, the fee is the same

Most Android devices won’t get Android 6.0 update

Android 6.0 requires powerful hardware that means most Android devices won’t get Android 6.0 update. Google will open the annual Google I / O developers conference this month on the 28th.We will get the latest generation of Android Andrew M (Android 6.0 or Android 5.2?). However, it said Android M will require improved hardware. So, most of devices will not

Spotify Plans To Enter The Video Streaming Market In This Month

Spotify is definitely No.1 in in the field of music streaming and new in the video streaming world. This situation will change soon. According to report from “The Wall Street Journal” that, Spotify is working with a number of content producers and some of them are well-known traditional media companies. It seems Spotify try to launch its own video streaming  services. The company has contacted

samsung galxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Exclusive Review

The first generation Galaxy S series of Samsung phones began in March 2010. After five years it has now developed to the 6th generation named Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung Galaxy S series has been the flagship Android phone  in past years. Let’s take close look at this new flagship Andorid phone in 2015. The big change, S6 has equipped self-developed