How Google Monitors Every Move You Make?

You may have been through a scene wherein you search something on Google and then on someday when you search a new topic on Google, it will show you advertisements related to your previous searches. Have you ever thought why this happens so? do you feel that Google may be monitoring your searches? Yes! Google company judges you all the time by keeping an eye on your search and creating your profile of browsing works. But still, you now can’t resist’s using Google as this is the one who knows it all and has all the solutions of your problems.


How Google Monitors Every Move You Make?

Email Accounts (Gmail specifically) and Search Terms

All the emails sent by you or received by you into your Gmail account are actually easily accessible to the corporation itself too. Also Google Inc. has explained in detail about the scanning exercises in agreement with updating service and the close examination of all the received and sent emails which are done by computer programs.

Also you must know that your search history doesn’t lives only with you. The company is well aware of all the searches you’ve made. Unfortunately, you can neither stop google from knowing your practices nor can the usage of google be halted.

email gmail

Visited Websites and Android Devices

Ofcourse google uncle does know all your visited websites and all the record is preserved. Also if you tap on the google ads, it knows what you look at and what you clicked at. Unluckily this too is not hidden from the Google Inc.

Everyone nowadays has an android phone and let me tell you all that your device is revealing all its stuff to google and so the company must be tracking you and recording all your locations through your android device and the operator may not even know.

website        android

Web Apps, Social Networking and Online Shopping

Yes, google knows what all applications are installed into your device and how is it all used, etc. also all our social accounts be it Facebook, twitter or anything, all is checked by google no doubted. Google has a record of all your online purchases too and is sweet enough to recommend you similar products on different sites.

social networking web apps

Uploads and Downloads

Moreover, as we use the google chrome as browser, all that we upload or download is also within Google’s record book. So you are not spared even here. Over all, there may be very few or no matters which google doesn’t traces about us.

upload and download


So this was all about google spying on us. Hope this article helped you know how and in which ways does the Google Inc. monitors each and every google user on this earth. Do mention your views in the below comment box.

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