How To Enjoy video or music streaming sites like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu and Spotify when you not live USA


There are more than 300 sites that are only country based music or video streaming sites like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu and Spotify. How to enjoy those great sties if I am living outside of USA? Well, use a VPN service will solve this issue. Like a word said “On The Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a dog”. With a VPN service nobody knows you are not in the USA.


So, exactly what is a VPN and How does It Work?

VPN connections are often known to as “tunneling.” In most cases, you’ve got some kind of software set up on your laptop or computer, and you use that software program to connect to the VPN service. This service can be within a corporate network, or you can connect to a private server that you use for Internet access. You need to validate before reaching a VPN service, that indicates you require a username and password to get into the network. This helps to protect your internet connection, so just you can connect to the service.

Once validation occurs, you then have a safe connection between your computer and the server’s network. The server’s supervisor can restrict use of services from the server’s end, but for the most part, you have similar access as if you are authenticated locally. All information is encrypted between your computer and the server, that is particularly important when you access private networks over the Internet.

Using a VPN to get around regional limitations or to protect anonymity online has been known and made use of by more sophisticated users for a long time. A lot more new services and tools are getting it much simpler for the common internet user to benefit from the same techniques.

You will find whole business models that rely on regional targeting, consequently, there is a constant cat-and-mouse game between suppliers of these services and people trying to get around the set limitations. Those people who are trying to entry content are successful though, and they’ll always win, as the very nature of the Internet and web make it near not possible to identify where someone really is in case they not allow to let you know.

List of free VPS service

Here is the list free VPN sites I got from Google search. those are working fine so far. If you looking for high quality VPN services, you may need to pay for that. I will write a review about it later. – An absolutely free VPN client and service for Windows users. Zero advertisements, and a fast service. Unclear what the business model is, which is the reason I wouldn’t believe in it with any personal or personal data and limit it to just for seeing video or poll rigging

Feeedur – – An ad VPN/anonymizing service that works well. – One more free VPN service, but pushes you to visit an advertisement. Working with Hulu again.

UltraVPN – – cross platform (OS X support). Both free and anonymous.

Now you should be able to enjoy hot video or music streaming sits without any limitation. Let me if your thoughts by commenting below.

Note: If you want to download these streaming music or videos from website to your computer, you can download the following program:

  1. Download Streaming Audio Recorder

Download MAC version Download Windows version

2. Download Streaming video Recorder

Download MAC version Download Windows version

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