How to Record Music from Streaming Music Site using Audials One 2018?


Music nowadays is completely financed through subscription and advertising that’s why there are copyrighted songs everywhere in all music streaming sites.

But can you actually keep the songs you wanted on any music streaming sites?

Yes, it’s completely possible using Audials One 2018.

Audials 2018 is a complete program when it comes to features and at the same time offers music listeners an easy interface as possible.

It may look complex for the first time you look at it for first timers but if you already have knowledge using its previous versions before then it will be a breeze.

In this post, you will learn how to record on any music streaming site which you’ll read further below.

Record Music from Streaming Music Site using Audials One 2018

Download Audials 2018: Click Here

First, launch Audials 2018.


Audials One 2018

Click the 6th menu located on the left side for the recording option.

audial save music

Click the blue button “Audio/Music Recording”.

Two Options for Recording

Through the List of Popular Music Streaming Sites

There are two options for recording, either by using the software or by Web Player.

audials dash

As you can see in the image, there are already options for you to choose which music streaming site to record. The ones that are showing are the popular ones. If you click on “Show more”, an additional option for Amazon, Groove music, and Reverbnation will appear for you to record.


audials recording

Launch any Music Streaming sites app and record using the software. A small window will appear like on the image below on the right side and it will start recording automatically

Web Player

This option is for those music streaming sites that have no app and you can listen to it by using the Web player on your browser.

audials web

Again a small window will appear waiting for you to open any streaming sites

Recording Other Music Streaming sites

This option is used when the list of music streaming site is not listed on the first option.

music streaming sites

On this option, there are three ways to record

Direct Recording of Your Browser

If the music site is not available in the first option, you can record by playing the web player on your browser. Just open the music streaming site and click this first option then play the song.

Sound Playing on Your Computer or Laptop are Saved and are Automatically Split into Individual Tracks

If you wish to record by doing something or while working, you can select this option. Be reminded though that to be able to record perfectly there must be no notification or other sounds besides the audio playing. The audio playing can be in a browser, songs already on your computer, and songs played using DVD/flash drive.

Sound Playing on Your Computer or Laptop is Recorded into a Single File

This is somewhat similar to the option above but the difference is the recorded songs will be saved into a single file.

The instruction above is the steps to record music on any music streaming sites.

Is it easy or difficult?

What can you say about the amazing feature of Audials One 2018?

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