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When it comes to PDFs, no one likes to settle for substandard output. What you need is a professional editing software with features that have been optimised to let you edit, convert, lock, annotate, copy, create and share your PDFs with perfect efficiency.

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iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac

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iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac (OS X El Capitan included) takes PDF editing to the next level. In addition to editing, it provides you with easy converting tools and much more. It’s packed with all the features from PDF Editor for Mac and enhanced with a variety of new ones.

Top Features of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro


With its range of text, image and page editing tools, iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac lets you edit like a professional. You can align and distribute text fields in order to edit text, and perform image-editing functions like adding, deleting, extracting, replacing and cropping, with short and simple steps. The software also lets you insert, delete, rotate, crop, replace, rearrange, organize and even split and combine your pages using the editing tools.

Forming Forms

The task of filling, editing, importing and exporting forms on iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro is rather simple and smooth. You can create PDF forms by freely adding fields for text and buttons, and access the field form properties as well as tab numbers. Running short on time? The software has even ready templates for you!


The annotating and mark-up tools in iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro make your PDFs more interactive and insightful while retaining user-friendliness. You can choose from options like highlighting, crossing out, underlining and adding sticky notes, text boxes, shapes and free-hand drawings as well as adding and removing background colours, images and watermarks.

Working with Scanned PDFs

You can copy, search and convert scanned PDFs on your Mac. While converting, you can select various other formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, HTML and images. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology makes editing and converting scanned PDFs a cakewalk. It recognises English as well as other languages like Spanish, German, French and Italian. You can even convert numbers and symbols into text!

Upping your Safety Quotient

This software provides you with options to make your PDFs safer. You can lock your files to preventing unwanted views with passwords and permissions, add custom stamps that establish your authority and even digitally sign your PDF files with iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro.

Creating, Converting and Sharing

It’s never more than a matter of minutes when it comes to creating PDF files from sources such as existing files, websites and images. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro lets you modify these files before you turn them into PDFs. While converting you can pick formats ranging from Word and PowerPoint to images and HTML with the original layout. Sharing is possible by printing, attaching to emails as well as uploading to Dropbox. If your PDF is too large to share online, you can compress your file while always retaining the quality.

In Conclusion

With iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro, editing PDF files is fun and simple. Its features were designed to assure users of convenience, manageability and productivity. The software is enhanced with just the right tools to serve your specific needs and preferences while operating with PDFs. This makes it the ideal PDF editor.

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