iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac Review & Coupon


iskysoft-slideshow-maker-for-macClicking photos is soon becoming a part of our regular life. We all keep snapping pictures anywhere in any manner be it for fun or to get memories created or for job oriented tasks which leads to get photos saved in a bulk amount. But now it’s time for you to blend all your photos and video memories into a showcase which you can share with your family and friends be it DVD, YouTube, Mac HD, Facebook, iPad and more.

iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac Review

iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac is one such element which transfers skilled outcomes with just a simple drag and drop method. The present iSkysoft Slideshow Maker comes with various unique and entertaining features, including video and narration, which can add lives to your slideshow.


Beneficial features of iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac

Create Customized Slideshows

Create customized Slideshows using various cliparts on different photos along with the crop feature with the help of which you can stitch some syllabus of your photos. Also every photo has something to say about it so you can show the story of your picture with texts and with increasing or decreasing the brightness of your captured photos and videos you can add the filter and & effect function too.

Arrange and rotate your motion

iSkysoft comes with an inbuilt trimmer feature which allows you to stitch your audio files and a rotate feature providing you to take pleasure of your pictures from any angle as up to 360 degree viewing angle will make it do. You can also use the motion tool to add titles to your videos and edit them.

Filter, pre-audio and repair red eyes feature

With this filter feature, you can distill your photos and videos and with pre-audio feature you have the access to play an intro in your audios or videos. By selection and repairing the remediable parts of your photos, Red eye repairing is a handy task now.

Colorful and Professional Templates

Accessible rich templates come handy with this iSkysoft Slideshow Maker which will bring a lively fresh look to your blended photos.


  • In this Slideshow Maker, two apparent custom ways are equipped towards fundamental and advanced operators.
  • iSkysoft has a motile and understanding User Interface.
  • This Slideshow Maker has a preview capability along with extensive audio or video support for both input and output.


  • The iSkysoft Interface may seem to work a little hard for some operators.
  • This Slideshow Maker has a sort of slow creation speed.
  • In this Slideshow Maker, a Watermark gets added to output videos.


iSkysoft Slideshow software is henceforth an amazing path to alter those fading pictures into a newer ones. No matter if you are a novice or a techie kid, this is surely a solid choice for all passionate slideshow makers. All your thoughts and comments are welcomed below in the boxes.

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