Top 5 iTunes Alternatives to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone


Many people have stopped using iTunes nowadays as it does not have the spark that it previously had. People are starting to use various other platforms for transferring and converting their music from their iDevices. The following is a list of Top 5 iTunes Alternatives to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone.

iTunes Alternatives

Best iTunes Alternative – A Super Powerful Music Downloader, Transfer Tool and Manager

Best iTunes Alternative

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Wondershare TunesGo ranks on top of the list of best iTunes alternatives because of the host of amazing features that it has. With Wondershare TunesGo you can transfer you can transfer any song from any model of the iPhone to the computer and vice versa. What is amazing is that it supports more than thirty different formats so that after the transfer is complete you face no kinds of hindrances. Also TunesGo is a Two-Way Synchronization tool unlike iTunes which enables transfer from the computer to the device vice versa. With Wondershare TunesGo you can transfer music and playlists from any iPhone, iPod, and iPad back into an iTunes Library. You can also filter out duplicate songs that already exist in your iTunes and thereby get an organized library.

CopyTrans ManagerCopyTrans Manager – A Simple iTunes Alternative

CopyTrans Manager is another very well-organized alternative for iTunes. The reason that CopyTrans Manager is widely used is because it is absolutely free of charge. It lets users to add music, videos, apps, etc. from a PC to an iPhone without iTunes. With CopyTrans Manager the process of transfer will become easy and less messy. Also the categories like artist, album, etc. will automatically apply to your collection. One con of this product is that it does not transfer .wma and that it does not detect your music when your device is connected to the computer.

SynciOSSynciOS – A free iTunes alternative

Another useful and reliable option is SynciOS. This software is also available free of cost. It offers functions that users need to sync music, videos, photos, etc. from a PC to iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Also if your file is in a format that is not compatible with your iPhone it is changed to a more compatible format. It also allows you to back up media files like videos, songs, images, etc. overall, it is a nice tool but it lacks the ability to transfer music directly to the iTunes library. Also the transfer speed with SynciOS is very fast.

MediaMonkey MediaMonkey -Another Alternative to iTunes

MediaMonkey is more of a media managing tool suggested especially for experts since it has more than a simple media managing functionality. It’s among the few media management apps that can trace missing track information and fill in the breaches for you automatically. Also MediaMonkey combines all your media files so that it is easier for you to navigate through them. Also it can trace information about missing tracks. It builds a playlist for you by tracking your listening habits. The only noticeable flaw is that its interface is utterly complicated and not recommended for beginners. 

Fidelia Fidelia –One of the iTunes Alternatives

Fidelia is a music manager that can be termed as an all-inclusive music studio. This is evident by the fact that it has accurate wavelength conception, a factor that is highly applicable in music studios. It also supports various audio formats and it uses Izatope technology to speed up conversions. Unlike MediaMonkey its user interface is comparatively easy and can be personalized. Also it has headphone virtualization capability to bring out natural sounds. It supports high quality formats like FLAC which iTunes does not support.

I hope this Top 5 iTunes Alternatives to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone helped you to narrow down to options that you can choose from. Do let me know via comments.

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