How To Keep Rented iTunes Movies Forever


There are many advantages in using the iTunes movie rentals service. But, the downside is that these files are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected.

As a result, there are some limitations in using these videos. They are:

  • You have to watch the movies within 30 days from the day you rented them.
  • Once you play the movie, you have to finish watching it within 24 hours time
  • Once the rental period gets over, the movie will disappear from your library.

If you want to watch a movie for multiple times without all these restriction, you need a powerful tool that can remove the protection and make the movie permanently available for you on your computer.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the tool that will do this task for you. This tool will serve as a screen recorder to you while you are playing the movie. The protection in the videos can be removed using the settings in the tool. You can then save the movie to your computer and enjoy them without any limitations on the timing or the number of times you can play them.

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Apart from recording videos, the software also performs functions such as Video Conversion, DVD Ripping, YouTube downloader and DVD Burner.

We will now discuss the various steps to be followed to record the videos for future usage. You just have to follow few simple steps on your rented iTunes videos, remove the DRM protection, convert and download them to your computer.

Keep Rented iTunes Movies Forever

Step 1: Record the movie – To perform this task, click on the Start button, Go to Wondershare, Video Converter Ultimate, choose Wondershare and select Video Recorder option. You will be asked on a new window to play the videos that need to be recorded. Play the full-length videos and wait for them to be recoded along with the audio. Once the recording gets over, you will find that the recorded files will be added to the source pane automatically. These files are now free from DRM protection and can be played anytime without any restrictions.

keep iTunes rentals

Step 2: There is a way to convert the iTunes movie rentals. However, this option is optional to use. If you want to copy the iTunes rented movies on non-Apple devices, you can do so using this tool. You can choose the destination format depending on the software that you are using and the devices where you will be playing them. You just have to load the files to the interface and click on “Convert” to perform this conversion.

aimer vcu record

There are ways to keep your iTunes rented movies, TV shows, videos, etc. for more than 24 hours. You can do this by pushing your system time forward and restart your iTunes application. But, if you do this, the movies cannot be played on your Apple devices. The best way to remove protection and keep them forever is to use the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software.

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