Leawo Music Recorder Coupon Code and Review

Every one of us like, not only ‘like’ even most of us ‘love’ to enjoy, music of different kinds. That is the reason, we have many online channels and websites that offers music, especially the one we like to hear specifically. And it is obvious that, we need an internet connection to listen to them, meanwhile, think if we could get these music offline. Would be great Right?


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Leawo Music Recorder Review


Here is a simple solution, just record the online streaming music on your PC, with the help of this amazing software Leawo Music Recorder”. Thereby, you can enjoy and share your favorite song any time, even without internet connection. And for sure, this software is definitely going to be the best solution for all your musical thirst. Hence, take a look at its awesome features…

Leawo Music Recorder, Specification Overview

  • You can record audio from PC and online music channels like YouTube, Last.fm, AOL Music, etc.
  • Also, it can record audio from your Mic and other built-in input audios.
  • With the Task Scheduler, you can pre-set the music recording.
  • Adding music tags such as album, artist, cover, etc. are done automatically.
  • Allows manual editing of recorded music tags and manage recordings, etc.

Leawo Music Recorder Coupon Code

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Key Features of Leawo Music Recorder

Record, Computer Music Files

Now recording online music and computer audios, have become an easy job with the Leawo Music Recorder. Thus it would record any sort audio on your PC, including the PC system audio and online music such as YouTube, AOL music, last.fm and so on.

Record, Built-In Input Audio

In the same manner as above, the Leawo Music Recorder could also record audio from Mic or other built-in input audio stream, like Realtek Digital Input, Realtek High Definition Audio, etc.

Pre-set Recording – Task Scheduler

With the help of “Task Scheduler” you can pre-set the music recording by setting the start time and duration.

Automatically Download Music and Add Music Tags

This software automatically adds musical tags such as artist, cover, song album, song name, year, genre, etc. to the downloaded music.

Manual Editing Of Music Tags – Music Tag Editor

With this smart feature called “Music Tag Editor”, you can manually edit the music tags such as album, artist, genre, cover etc.

Add Music Recordings Easily To, iTunes

With one simple click, this Leawo Music Recorder lets the users to add the recorded music files to iTunes. Therefore, you can enjoy and share the music recordings freely via iTunes.

Automatically Split or Filter Music Recordings

Just set the “time gaps” between the music recordings and the music recorder could automatically split or filter the song from recordings accordingly, based on the time gaps.

Manage Music Recordings Freely

After recording the audio, this software lets its users to manage the recorded music files by adding, editing or delete from the playlist, making it easier to preview and play the recordings.

Manage File Parameters while Recording

Further, while recording you can thoroughly customize the output file parameters, by setting the audio format, audio codec, sample rate and bit rate.


  • User friendly, not bringing-in much complexities
  • Record, capture and save from any musical source
  • Impressive features, with editing options
  • Customizing options to manage the recorded file
  • Available for both Windows and Mac
  • Clear sound output


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I hope you find this review on Leawo Music Recorder useful along with our special discount coupon code. Do purchase this software using our coupon code and do share in your experience by commenting.

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