LG Phone Recovery – Recover Deleted Files From LG Device

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LG is well known for its high quality touch screen smart phones. LG G series has gained a lot of interest between its users and it is one of the largest selling smart phone across the world. It comes with high quality camera loaded with tons of useful features. Users using these devices are tend to store valuable information on the LG phone itself.

What if you end up loosing your most important information due to some technical issue or because of carelessness?

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You should always be prepared for such situation as you never know when you end up facing it. In this article I will discuss about the software known as LG Phone Recovery or Android Data Recovery. This is one of the best software which can help in recovering your deleted information from LG phone. It also gives its users the leverage to preview the data before they actually recover it. So lets see how you can recover deleted file from LG device.

LG Phone Recovery – Recover Deleted Files From LG Device

Note: If you have deleted some of your important files and are planning to recover later this is the note for you. You should stop using your device immediately else you can end up loosing your data permanently. So start with the recovery process right away.

Step 1: Download LG Phone Recovery Software and install it in your computer.  Run the application and using an USB data cable connect your LG phone to your computer.

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Step 2: You need to Enable USB debugging to continue with the process; so follow the onscreen guide to enable USB Debugging.



Step 3: You are almost there to start with the scanning process; now click on “Next“.

Note: If your mobile has been rooted before, you should go to your phone screen and press “Allow” on until it disappeared, then back to the pc and click “Start” to continue.



Step 4: You will be prompted to select the type of files for recovery from your LG device. Select the file that you would like to scan and recover.



Select the mode of scanning; you have options to scan your device completely or you can scan only for deleted files. I always recommend the later one.



Step 5: The scanning will begin and the software will run through your device looking for deleted files. After sometime you will find a list of files categorized and ready for recovery. All you need to do now is go through the files and preview it and then recover it.



So now you can easily recover all your deleted data from LG device using LG Phone Recovery software. You are completely safe as you can try our trial version for free before opting for licensed version. So do download our software and check out its awesome feature. If you have any query or feedback then do let us know by commenting.

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