MacX Video Converter Pro: Best 4k UHD Video Processing Tool for Mac


Watching your favorite movies and TV shows in 4K UHD bring so much fun and excitement but expect some certain challenges along the way. 4K UHD definitely elevates the quality of video streaming especially if you are an iPad or iPhone user.

Fortunately, the recent models of iPad and iPhone devices now support H.265 HEVC codec, through A10 processor, which is required to utilize 4K playback options. At the same time, most iOS devices can accommodate 2K videos which are still far better than other smartphones today. The real problem here is that 4K videos consume your disk space excessively, say an hour will require 5 GB or more of hard disk space. Additionally, internal memory of iOS devices might be limited between 64 and 128 GB.

Restrictions on file format support also prevent iPhone and iPad users to play 4K videos gathered from the internet. What if you wish to watch a 4K video on devices not supported with 4K features or just optimize an HD video using a 4K-capable screen? Here, you’ll surely need the expertise of MacX Video Converter Pro to resolve these imminent challenges. MacX video converter Pro is a top-notch video processing tool developed to download internet videos, convert and modify video settings according to the desired output format.

Discovering its key features

With MacX Video Converter Pro, you can convert 4K video from H.264 MP4 output format to H.265 HEVC while retaining original image quality. This amazing software is effective in converting different HD and SD video formats into the 4K display. YouTube 4k videos can be converted to MOV, AVI, MP4, H264, FLV, WMV and other popular formats. You can also transfer 4k videos to your iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Android and Windows smartphones with no restrictions on playback.

Impressive conversion speed and intuitive user-interface

Through Intel QSV hardware acceleration built into the processors of Mac PCs as well as Intel Hyper-Threading technology, MacX Video Converter Pro can deliver the conversion process 5X faster than other prominent names. It supports over 370 video/audio codecs, allowing you to process all kinds of files whether downloaded or copied from another source. MacX Video Converter Pro provides 350 preset profiles which are individually designed to accommodate compressed 4K videos on various smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Apart from this, it enables you to download 4k TV programs and movies from online sites such as Dailymotion, YouTube or Vevo using 83 X 4K video conversion rate.

MacX Video Converter Pro provides editing options where users can trim original videos, merge two separate sources or add subtitles and watermarks to their personal videos. This only shows that the versatile MacX Video Converter Pro can act as a downloader, video converter, screen recorder and slideshow creator, all in one tool.


Comparing MacX Video Converter Pro with similar tools like Wondershare, WinX or EaseFab, this software runs more efficiently because of its Intel QSV hardware acceleration feature which goes well with present-day Intel Core processors. It has the best ability to convert a considerable amount of video files together without causing your PC to slow down. The interface is well-organized and easy-to-navigate while processing time consumes less number of minutes than its counterparts. Having the most comprehensive features for converting 4K videos makes MacX Video Converter Pro as the best 4K video processor over the recent years.


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